AROMAX - Medium Area Scent Diffuser

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“Medium Area Scent Diffuser” is typically designed to be compact and versatile. They may come in various shapes and styles, with an emphasis on functionality and ease of placement within different types of interiors. Their versatility and balanced coverage make them suitable for a range of settings where a moderate but noticeable fragrance presence is desired.

“Discover a World of Aromas with Aromax”

Module Design.

Time Programming.

Anticorrosive Plastic Material.

Optional Button/Bluetooth App Operation.

Customized Scent Intensities for Selection.


Product Size: W310*D112*H218mm.

Package Size: W330*D210*H345mm.

Net Weight: 2.38Kg.

Noise Level: <50dBa.

Suitable Coverage: 2000m3; 600m2; 6000sqft.

Consumption: 5ml/hr+_15%.

Power: 17W.

Input Voltage: DC12V.

Built-In Fan: Yes.

Color: Black/White.

Installation: Free Standing, HVAC Connecting, Wall mounted, Ceiling Installed.

Bottle Capacity: 750ml Pet Bottle.

Material Design: Plastic Housing with Acrylic Customizable Front Board