Why should an aroma diffuser be in a senior care facility
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  • Date: 30-08-2021

Senior citizens are the treasures of our generation and a living library of facts. Ageing seniors often find a diminishing quality of their lives due to many reasons. Taking care of their medical needs should not be the only concern, but also their emotional and mental needs have to be met for them to have a positive view of life. It is only with a positive view of life that they can alleviate some of the medical issues they face such as lack of energy and appetite, cognitive decline and stress, loneliness, etc. Senior care facilities are equipped with engaging recreations that help to stay occupied throughout the day. So why should an aroma diffuser be in a senior care facility?

Enhancing quality of life for the elderly

The quality of life of a senior citizen is measured by how happy and relaxed their living environment is. With age, the interactions they have with the outside world also reduces and it can be detrimental to their physical and mental health. Few ways to improve their quality of life include the following:

  • Monitor and Treat their Depression
  • Make them know they are Needed
  • Encourage Physical & Mental Activity
  • Keep Them Connected with the family

Many times, seniors end up in senior care facilities because their children are far off and cannot attend to the daily needs of the parents. This often leads to loneliness and depression. Since smell is one of the most crucial senses that evokes memories and emotions, having a positive smelling environment in the facility is of paramount importance.

An aroma diffuser UAE in a senior care facility can do wonders to enhance the quality of life for the elderly. They are strategically placed around the facility premises to ensure that the ambience remains positive and welcoming. It helps to mask any malodours that may otherwise be present in a senior care facility due to wet clothes, involuntary urination, old skin shedding, etc.

Benefits of scent marketing in a senior care facility

As mentioned above, scenting a senior facility helps to elevate the quality of life. There are also other benefits as mentioned below:

Improved perception
Marketing studies have proven that the first 15 seconds of a shopper’s experience is crucial for the business owner since it sets the tone for their overall perception. Similarly, this small gap of time enhanced by scent marketing in a senior care facility can win over the first impression of the family members and the future inhabitants. Being welcomed with a pleasant aroma makes it easier for the staff and facility administration since the visitors will be relaxed and open to suggestions. Nobody would like to take a chance on a poorly maintained and foul-smelling facility

Manipulating Room Space
If you are on a tight budget and your senior care facility desperately, try scenting for a more economical update than new decor and fresh paint. In fact, there are scents that influence the perception of room size. To quote an example, scents like aloe vera and cucumber make the space feel bigger whereas spicy and woodsy scents tend to reduce the space. 

Enhanced Moods
Anxiety and agitation along with physical challenges such as poor appetite, memory loss, and insomnia are often found in senior care centres due to the inherent factors of ageing. Ambient scenting can function as a ‘clinical aromatherapy’ that helps to encourage healthy behaviours and even recall pleasant memories. This can bring a positive spin on the mood and behaviour of the inhabitants, making them more comfortable and cooperative.

Fights Malnutrition
Malnutrition is a headache for many senior care facilities due to loss of appetite. Studies show that distributing delicious smells before mealtime has a positive effect on the appetite and can lead to timely consumption of meals by the inhabitants. Besides, it increases the meal experience as well. A happy and content person will be able to consume more food and avoid malnutrition. So maintaining the required ambience is achieved with the help of scents.

Staff Motivation
Anyone who ever worked at a senior care facility can vouch that the senile members can often be difficult to handle due to their uncooperative tantrums. Also, many of them will have different diseases which require extra care and attention from the staff members. It will really help to employ passionate people who understand the requirements of these facilities. Working in a pleasant smelling environment can really boost the morale of the employees and treat the inhabitants with more diligence.

Popular scents to relieve stress, calm, and soothe

Rosemary: Associated with feelings of contentment and have positive effects on performance and mood

Lavender: Lavender is associated with feelings of happiness, improved mood and cognitive performance with mild sedative and calming effects.

Ylang-Ylang: Ylang-ylang has actually been found to decrease alertness, promote calmness and reduce stress, making it a good option for de-stressing & unwinding at the end of a stressful day.

Lemon: Known to possess anti-depressant-type effects for mood enhancement and stress relief.

In conclusion, Ambient scenting is a highly effective and economical method to increase the standard of living in a senior care facility. So why should an aroma diffuser be in a senior care facility is to improve the ambience and richness of the centre, making life pleasant and meaningful for the ageing seniors.