Why hoteliers are into scent marketing
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  • Date: 21-07-2021

The hospitality sector has been affected gravely due to the pandemic. Tourists stopped flowing into the country and many hotels remained unoccupied or even closed. Even before that it was facing heavy competition primarily due to changes in the market driven by online channels. Online customer reviews, booking sites, comparison sites, and the growth of home rentals like Airbnb have paved the way for fierce competition in the hospitality sector. With the travel restrictions slowly easing up, Hotels would have to do more than just providing a bed for the night. The need to create a feeling of warmth and an overall distinct experience has exponentially increased, in order to welcome guests as soon as they enter the building. This is probably one of the many reasons why hoteliers are into scent marketing.

Reasons for using Scent marketing in Hotels
One of the main reasons for using scent marketing in hotels is to associate the positive feeling of the scent with the pleasant memory of the hotel stay, prompting customers to return to that similar feeling of sheer bliss. Also, some renowned hotels establish their brand by maintaining the same aroma across all branches. The key is to attract and retain customers using multisensory marketing. A single sense may not do the trick anymore. Using a combination of techniques like soothing music, design, lighting, and scenting to provide a unique and long-lasting sense of quality and sophistication. Aroma diffuser Dubai uses scenting as part of a multisensory experience to create a strong brand affiliation and promotes repeated visits by:

  • Improving the mood of guests, making them feel relaxed and happy
  • Instilling positive associations with the brand
  • Encouraging positive client reviews

An expert scent designer can help to choose the right scent for the hotel and deploy a scent strategy using the latest technology like Automatic fragrance diffuser in Dubai to create a truly holistic guest experience.

Benefits of Scent Marketing

Accentuate the feel of the Lobby
Lobbies are hotel entrances where guests spend leisure time while waiting for their reservation to be confirmed or for their cab. Also, it is the first place they walk into and plays an important role in forming the first impression.  

Improve Customer Perceptions
Scent marketing is vital to impress the guests and create a powerful brand identity that makes deep emotional connections. Some scents can make the overall space look and feel different, thus changing their perceptions. 

Highlight Cleanliness
Fresh citrus scents form a sense of cleanliness and can help in maintaining the aura of good health. The rooms that are recently cleaned and serviced tend to have a crisp smell that invigorates the feeling of freshness in the guests. So maintaining the same throughout with scent marketing can help to maintain the impression of cleanliness throughout the hotel premises.

Improved Customer Service
As glamorous as it looks, hotel staff members have to constantly be on their feet to meet the needs and wants of their guests. Forging a friendly rapport and maintaining a welcoming environment is a full-time job. Aroma diffuser UAE can help to share the responsibility by improving guest moods and making it easier to maintain an amicable acquaintance. Besides, it also helps the staff members to calm down and focus on their hospitality.

Create brand identity
After a while, guests will start associating scents with the hotel and the familiarity will subconsciously make them return guests. 

Happy guests mean happy reviews
Online reviews play a crucial role in determining the occupancy rate of the hotel and positive memory can help achieve it. Scent diffuser Dubai can suggest brilliant strategies to improve overall guest satisfaction. 

Best Scents for hotels

Clean Cotton
This has a mild scent that has powerful nostalgic implications. It helps to remember freshly washed laundry blowing in the cool breeze on a warm spring day.

Coconut Lemongrass
A comforting yet opulent fragrance filled with the mysterious allure of the Orient. It has a heart note of clean and green lemongrass, intensely lemon, and light, floral and bitter neroli.

White Tea and Thyme
This has a clean and crisp fragrance with strong herbal notes subtly softened by white tea mixed with a floral gist of jasmine, rose petals and sage. 

Fresh Raine
The cleanest and most delicate of aromas is fresh raine and hotels love this fragrance. Psychologically, it creates the illusion of a fresh new start by making everything clean and new again and washing the bad away.

The intoxicating scent of the ocean is liked by the whole world. It comprises marine life, seaweed and natural brine which clubs with the wings of cool breezes on warm summer days and nights.

Automatic fragrance diffuser in Dubai is quite famous in UAE and can help hotels to increase the guest footfall regardless of the season and special days. These are the main factors why hoteliers are into scent marketing. Atmocare is a leading scent marketing company with plenty of satisfied customers both big and small alike in Dubai and all other parts of UAE.