Why Atmocare Stands Top in the Scent Marketing Industry
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  • Date: 09-11-2021

Scent marketing has become inevitable in today’s world, where each business is trying to stay one step ahead of its competitors. The subtle yet necessary tactic of marketing has been perfected from time and again with the help of technology. The intense research and studies that have been conducted emphasises the importance of scenting in commercial spaces to increase customer footfall and ultimately sales. It goes without saying that it also helps to maintain a level of calm and reassuring atmosphere among the staff members. Especially in a place like the UAE, where international traffic is at its best, being the top scent marketing solution provider is not an easy task. The name Atmocare is eminent in being the best scent marketing company in Dubai. So if you are wondering why Atmocare stands top in the scent marketing industry, read along to know more about Atmocare.

Atmocare: Leader In Scent Marketing 

Atmocare was founded to develop and improve a properly perfumed atmosphere for businesses, as well as to answer our customers' difficulties in the areas of Scent, Hygiene, and industrial product solutions. With significant success, Atmocare continues to be the top supplier of Aroma Solutions and Hygiene Solutions in the UAE. With over ten years of experience in the market, we offer dependable aroma solutions based on our clients' needs. Aroma or Scent Solutions, Hygiene goods, and Industrial products are the sectors in which we operate. Allow us to develop unique brand smells and the ideal ambiance for your consumers, staff, and visitors in your organisation and institutions to experience the magic of professional scent marketing at your premises. One of the main selling products includes the amazing Aroma diffuser from Atmocare. So what makes them so special?

Advantages of Atmocare Aroma Diffuser: 

  • Bacteria and Mold Killing properties in the aroma diffuser make it ideal for families with children to lead a safe and healthy life.
  • The scents diffused are safe and don't pose an environmental hazard like the scented candles.
  • Stress relief obtained with the Atmocare aroma diffusers is immeasurable and blends perfectly with your office and home space.
  •  Neutralizing the smell of delicious cooking can go a long way in your appetite Control and even portion control with the help of our unique Fragrance Machine in Dubai.
  • Improved quality of Sleep is a sureshot advantage offered by the Aroma diffuser Dubai.
  • The Decongestion and mucus Control properties of Eucaluptus oil diffuser ensure that you get the benefit of aromatherapy with a touch of medicinal value.
  • The diffuser can also be used as a mosquito repellant by diffusing lemongrass and clove essential oils. Say goodbye to harmful chemical repellents.
  • Pain relief is achieved through inhaling essential oils that are diffused in the air to relieve overworked muscles and headaches.

The Art Of Scent

Isn't it wonderful how a few invisible aroma molecules may send you back in time to a childhood journey to your grandparents? Or how, despite your stringent low-carb diet, the lovely fragrance of freshly made bread tends to entice you into that small bakery around the corner? And everyone is familiar with the fragrance that emanates from the box of your brand-new phone or television. It is truly an art that mesmerizes us without our knowledge.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many 'conventional' marketers continue to dismiss fragrance marketing as a passing trend. When it comes to customer behaviour, smells may make all the difference.

A pleasant fragrance, in general, tickles the brain's approach system, triggering a variety of approach actions. As a consequence, appealing smells draw more customers into a business, causing them to spend more time there (despite feeling less! ), encourage them to try and buy more various things, and cause them to spend more money, particularly through impulse purchases.

What We Do?

Sourcing products and catering to customized requirements is our specialty. Our areas of operations are Hygiene products supply, Aroma or Scent Solutions, and Industrial products.

Hygiene Solutions: We work with a wide range of sanitary products. Atmocare is a prominent supplier of cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, machinery, personal care, health care, and industrial care chemicals. Our consumers appreciate us for being a dependable supplier of hygiene solutions.

Aroma Solutions: The therapeutic potential of scents cannot be emphasised. Aroma has such a deep relationship to one's emotional state that it rekindles memories that accompanied our experience, in some cases dating back many years. A well-crafted scent may elevate one's spirits and put one in a pleasant and creative frame of mind. Our fragrance solutions enable you to create the ideal experience for your clients and coworkers, one that keeps them engaged and connected.  

Industrial Product Supply: Atmocare swiftly established itself as a full-service solution supplier. We can obtain any industrial-grade goods from any part of the world through reputable manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. We have offices throughout the Middle East, India, and the United Kingdom to ensure that our clients' needs are met as soon as possible. With our wide network, We can get almost anything from any place for our consumers.  These are the reasons why Atmocare stands top in the scent marketing industry.

What Atmocare Can Offer You

Atmocare has risen to the top by being passionate about scenting and making the lives of our patrons better. We offer unique scenting solutions depending on our clients’ requirements and space availability. The experience we have gained over the years in catering to large and small industries alike have equipped us with the know-how to offer quality services within your budget. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call to know more about the magic of scent marketing.