What is Scent Marketing and Why are Businesses Using It
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  • Date: 17-11-2021

Of all the 5 senses, the sense of smell is the one that is most associated with memory and feelings. So if you have a sudden urge to stop your vehicle and grab a quick Shawarma, it’s because of the efficient marketing of the store done with the help of scents. They are promoting their highest selling product by appealing to your sense of smell. For food joints, scent marketing can easily be done with their products. However, for a textile shop, the raw smell of their tightly wrapped sheets and clothes that have been archived for a long time may rub the customers the wrong way. This is where air diffuser machines in Dubai come into play. By creating a pleasant disarming smell, customers tend to forget their inhibitions and explore more choices than they initially intended to. So if you are a business owner and wondering what is scent marketing and why are businesses using it, read along to learn about the secret weapon. 

What Is Scent Marketing?

Scent Marketing is a new trend in advertising, and it is becoming increasingly effective as businesses understand that our senses play an important and complicated part in shaping our moods, ideas, and behavioural patterns. Companies invest heavily to stand out and get our attention, yet 83% of commercial communication is now based on visual and audio cues. Scent marketing provides an alternative to standard branding techniques, and while it has not yet been universally embraced by businesses, it is having a significant influence on those that employ it. Scent marketing is based on the idea that when all five senses are engaged, the human brain is more responsive and more likely to acquire, maintain, revisit, and reinterpret memories. Brands may develop a stronger and longer-lasting emotional connection with their customers by affecting more than one sense, and so becoming memorable.

How Businesses Use Scent Marketing

Aroma Billboard: Most brands have associated their products with a distinctive, unmistakable aroma. This is known as a billboard scent, and it is consistent across all locations. The aroma pervades the surroundings. Cinnabon is one such example. They provide storage spaces with a pleasant smell that quickly conjures up memories of baked delicacies.

Thematic: Some businesses utilise a more mild background odour to establish a theme. Fragrances, such as the cold, fresh fragrances of spas, are typically generic.

Ambient Odors: Businesses may also distribute scents into the air to mask unwanted odours. These odours in the environment are mild, light, and pleasant. Ambient smells may be added to public toilets in stores and malls.

Signature Fragrances: Some of the world's most well-known establishments have signature smells that help customers recognise them no matter where they are. When a consumer smells a signature aroma, they quickly recall the store. 

What A Scent Marketing Strategy Can Really Do

Studies reveal that humans may retain 35% of the information acquired by scent in memory. However, only 5% of what is seen, 2% of what is heard, and 1% of what is touched are preserved in human memory. In this approach, a scent functions as a trigger for a brand's, firm's, or identity's "top-of-mind". Scent marketing is one of the most effective stimulation tactics, capable of activating these values at levels beyond human awareness, by utilising the sense that has the most influence and remains the longest in the consumer's memory: scent.

One of the most potent strategies employed by marketing and advertising strategists is the establishment of a distinct olfactory identity that the customer links with the brand's values. In fact, developing a great fragrance marketing plan increases sales efficacy by up to 30%.

How You Can Use Scent To Your Advantage

Smells have the power to influence client behaviour: Smells may alter how your customers feel and interact with the products around them. A pleasant odour may lift a poor attitude, prompting consumers to be more kind to one another. Customers who are pleased with the fragrance surrounding them are more inclined to look at items and explore extra services.

Pleasant odours keep consumers coming back: Simply put, people want to stay in locations that smell pleasant. Real estate salespeople employ fragrance to create a sense of home and comfort to keep consumers interested in their properties. The nicer the odour, the longer potential purchasers will stay. The longer they stay, the chances of a sale increase.

Scents may boost employee productivity: The benefits of scent marketing aren't limited to your consumers. Working in a pleasant-smelling workplace may also be beneficial to your staff. Employees will be more attentive and productive, which means they will make fewer mistakes, will be composed and be accessible to assist consumers. Furthermore, happy consumers as a result of the pleasant odours lead to happier personnel, who are less likely to encounter unpleasant or aggressive clients who put their emotions to the test.

How Can Atmocare Help

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