What Does Your Fragrance Say About You?
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  • Date: 31-10-2022

Have you ever had a moment when you suddenly recall someone after passing a unique fragrance? Choices of scents can be varied in an array of ways. Maybe you like sweet and flowery fragrances, meanwhile, your sibling likes strong and bold scents. A sniff can bring out many feelings that are connected to memories. Also, one’s scent can have a great connection to their character which brings self-expression to their personality. 

What does your fragrance say about you? Do you know that there are psychological factors in liking a scent or how people choose their favorite fragrance? Read more to understand the psychological factors that influence the use of fragrance. 


Psychology of Fragrance Use

Some fragrance makes us feel good while some make us nauseous. Research shows that sweet smells can increase the tolerance to pain. Moreover, odors can change the way we approach people. A person’s odor may influence other people. People use fragrances to enhance their body odor but psychology shows that it can also influence social interactions and biological behaviors.  

Each time you use a fragrance, the moments happening at that time are associated with those smells. Some scents get us back to the past, to good memories, to a person, or even a situation. 

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What does your fragrance say about you?

Have you ever wondered about the wording that is written on fancy spray bottles? Like for different emotions, use different odors. Well, it is kind of true in some ways. Fragrance can bring out emotions and feelings. Your smell can cause different emotions in different people. Some feel it is good and some don’t. But most of all, people love good smells! The smell of delicious food makes you crave good food, and just like that, a good smell gets you in a pleasant mood. You might get addicted to simple fragrances that become part of your identity. 

Let’s see what type of fragrant user you are! 

Floral- If you love floral scented perfumes, you are in the group of kind, friendly, and feminine. Floral scents include sweet smells like rose, lavender, Lilly, Jasmine, and so on. That floral nature lets you be a kind-hearted soul that always loves to surprise their loved ones.

Citrus- Those who are in for the citrus-based smells are the ones that are in for action at any time. The most lively people come in this category. Are you one of them?

Woody- Woody smell lovers are always high on expectations! Strong and classic mixed together to blend an earthly wooden scent. It is known that females tend to love it more than males.

Oriental- You are an attraction! You attract the spice and warm mood that makes your partner fall over again and again. Amber and musk are the main ingredients of these scents. 

Fruity- You are undoubtedly the one who has a lot of fun! People love to be around you because of your cheerfulness.

Green- Greatly down-to-earth people who enjoy nature so much that you don’t get tired easily and you are a lover of romantic dinners too!

Oceanic- Dreamer of the ocean! Clean air and high-range aroma are the main go-to scents of oceanic fans. Casually cool and elegant at the same time.

Spicy- You are an aesthetic masterpiece who loves to add an antique touch to your modern soul.

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Why do you need a signature scent for your brand? And how to create it?

Having a signature scent for your brand is like having an olfactory logo. Smells can create memories, and your brand can be identified from the fragrance. It can be added to decorate your space more elegantly. 

Can you believe it when I say scents can bring more customers to your store? It is said that some scents can awaken happiness and positivity in your space. So let’s see how to create a signature scent. Creating a scent that enhances your business setting is a next-level game. For that, you have to collaborate with nice scent manufacturers that can set an ideal ambiance for your working space that brings out productivity and a fine environment. Consider your mission goals and aims to communicate better with fragrances. Create a unique scent with custom toll blending that allows the creation of a variety of fragrances for your business. Now the scents are ready to be a part of your business. 

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In conclusion, Fragrances bring a good mood to the inhaler, and they can add many benefits to the one using it for various purposes. If you are in to create a unique fragrance for your business, don’t forget to check up on us!