Using Scent Marketing to Enhance the Banking Experience
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  • Date: 03-10-2022

In almost every industry under the sun, scent marketing is increasing sales and boosting brand identities. It can be a beneficial way to develop branding by using scent marketing techniques within more conservative settings such as financial institutions. Doing so, can improve client communication and enhance the banking experience. This blog details using scent marketing to enhance the banking experience. Read along to know how it works. 

Banks and other financial institutions are falling into the signature fragrance world by adopting aroma. Atmocare continues to be the leading supplier of Aroma Solutions in UAE. Scents expelled by Aroma Diffuser Dubai positively help the financial institution when used in the right amount. 


Is It a Good Idea to Scent a Bank? 


People working in the bank are likely to find themselves encircled with anxiety and hurried energy. Due to their negative energy, it creates a negative atmosphere for the customers that are not very pleasing. This hinders their experience with the bank and causes them to be reluctant to return. 

Banks can help create a relaxing and friendly experience by adding a specialized scent throughout. This makes the experience less stressful both for busy customers and bankers. It helps them to relax and the situation becomes more appealing. It will create a powerful yet subtle fragrance by introducing versatile scenting systems. It will help the bank brand to create an emotional connection with its clients. 

The tone of relaxation, comfort, and peace of mind can be set by employing a signature scent to a financial business environment which is essential while dealing with money. This improved experience with the customers creates satisfaction between employees and customers within the branches. It is also an influential way of retaining customers and staff. 


Benefits of Scenting a Bank for Positive Banking Experience 


Scent marketing is increasing revenue in almost every industry and is improving brand identities. There are many advantages of scenting a bank to have a positive banking experience. Using scent leads to greater brand recognition based on the experience of the customer with the brand. It also allows the scent to interact with the clients on a more emotional and personal level rather than conventional marketing. 

Scent marketing can improve customer satisfaction by reducing the perceived amount of time a customer is waiting in line or waiting for the service. Rather than restless and unhappy, the relaxing property of scenting makes them feel comfortable and calm. It can also improve brand recognition in financial businesses and banks as it can define the company and highlight its brand identity. Using a specialized scent can encourage familiarity with that specific business as scent and memories are closely linked together. 

Adding a fragrance representing a brand creates a soothing atmosphere for those customers who find the banking experience much more stressful and may also help the client to relax. This can improve the performance of the business as the enhanced and positive experience created by scenting systems helps to increase customer retention. Whether it is comforting, relaxing, or energizing, banks and financial institutions have the opportunity to adapt their fragrances to suit their brand message. 


Types of Scents to Enhance the Banking Experience 


A specialized scent system and fragrance are required to help improve the banking experience. To provide the correct amount of fragrance without it becoming overpowering, there are many scenting options for spaces of all sizes. There comes a risk of overwhelming the room with too much fragrance if the area is not effectively scented. 

The following are some thoughts about the scent that may work well for the client and eventually leads to a positive banking experience: 


It can be stressful if the numbers do not come out as expected for any reason while dealing with one's own money or someone else. A unique fragrance is created by the combination of citrus with lavender and a finishing note of vanilla. This fragrance is clean, light, and calming. Lavender is known both physically and mentally for its relaxing and balancing qualities. The citrus elements of tangerine, lemon, and lime cause to boost energy and elevate mood. 


The clean and crisp fragrance of lemongrass sage makes both male and female customers respond. The scent is purifying, energizing, and refreshing and is an effective stimulant for revitalizing both the body and the mind. Aided by the addition of warm and woody dry sage, this scent improves mental clarity and a high level of concentration to conduct transactions as financial investments require clear thinking and judgment. When dealing with bank issues, bank customers would appreciate this fragrance. 

Fresh Water Mist 

This fragrance would appeal to those involved with an investment in diverse financial institutions as its subtle water tinges suggest a sense of luxury. As the scent concludes with a warm and woody base note, it helps the customer to calm down as they wait in line at the bank. This scent, therefore, results in complete satisfaction with the customer experience. 

When going to the bank, take a deep breath and fill the nostrils with soothing scents as they can send a powerful message and helps in enhancing the banking experience. It improves business and creates emotional bonding and customer loyalty with the beautiful and calming smell. 

Atmocare was established to create a perfectly scented environment for businesses and is the leading supplier of scent diffusers in Dubai. Scents help in achieving a higher quality of life. Aroma Diffuser UAE helps customers to calm down subconsciously.