The Role of Scent Marketing in Real Estate
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  • Date: 28-12-2021

With more people being able to examine places online, there is more competition when it comes to making the correct decision for the appropriate needs. When a person agrees to schedule a viewing, the influence of that in-person encounter has a little more weight, and every factor may assist someone to make the appropriate decision at a moment's notice. Property developers, real estate brokers, interior designers, and architects all want to make a good first impression.  One knows almost immediately if they are interested or not when stepping foot in the house. Studies suggest that 80 per cent of prospective purchasers will know if the place is one they desire within seconds. In the past, just making a visually beautiful prospective house or business was the primary goal in enticing potential buyers and tenants, but today building owners are engaging the role of scent marketing in real estate. By using Scent Diffuser Dubai, they differentiate themselves from the competition and make the space even more appealing.

Scent- The Secret to Success in Real Estate Sales

Among the 5 senses we have, the sole sense that can bypass the conscious portion of the brain is the olfactory system. This directs it to the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. This form of link has been used for years by individuals who fully comprehend Aromachology, which is a verified science that may influence behaviour and moods through distinct odours.

The power of fragrance is so strong that it is now being used by forward-thinking real estate brokers. In fact, in today's competitive real estate market, making a little extra to attract new buyers with a genuine purpose to buy is more important than ever. Scent marketing is regarded as a novel method of ensuring that your property stands out from the crowd. Ambient scenting done professionally can make a ton of difference in your open house showing.

The Top Benefits of Scent Marketing in Real Estate

Improve Perceived Value

Interested customers and renters want to know they're getting their money's worth. Scent marketing has the potential to raise the perceived worth of residential buildings, particularly high-end apartment complexes. It's all about psychology. Scents such as white or green tea, lemongrass, and sandalwood have been demonstrated to increase value perception.

Create a Lasting First Impression

When potential buyers or tenants arrive at the front door, one of the first things they notice is the unique aroma of the building. Naturally, nobody wants to live in an apartment that stinks; but don't stop at eliminating unpleasant odours. To make a nice first impression, replace them with a scent that will drift through the air without overpowering guests.

Improve Anyone's Mindset

Selling residential real estate is difficult, as is appraising available homes. Why not use aromatherapy to alleviate some of the stress? Scents such as citrus and lime are believed to refresh the mind and increase mood, and soothing aromas like cinnamon help relieve customer stress.

Make It an Unforgettable Event

Most buyers and renters look at many residences before selecting which one is best for them. Olfactory memories are extremely powerful, so even a mild fragrance can not only trigger happy memories of the past but also aid in the creation of new ones. Most real estate brokers have yet to capitalise on the potential of fragrance marketing, so those that do so now will have a considerable advantage over the competition.

Best Scents Use to Help for Real Estate

  • Fresh Cookies – Fresh cookies have practically no rival in terms of aroma. Put a few in the oven before an open house. Homebuyers will like the aroma as well as the cookies!
  • Citrus – Citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, provide a fresh, clean aroma to every room in your house. They are also more durable and have a longer fragrance life.
  • Vanilla –Who doesn’t adore the aroma of vanilla? To create a warm, cosy atmosphere in your house, light a vanilla candle or make your own using vanilla beans or essence. Other classic extracts to employ to make your property appealing to homebuyers include almond and mint.
  • Herbs – Scented herbs may add a pleasant aroma to any space in the house. Scents such as rosemary, thyme, and basil may be used in the kitchen to create a warm and welcome fragrance for homebuyers.
  • Green Tea – Buy a green tea candle to fill your house with a crisp, refreshing scent that will restore peace.
  • Pine & Cedar –  These scents are considered a great buy during the winter months, holidays, or if you have a cabin in the woods. They bring a natural and crisp aroma to the home.

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