Smell the Future of Scent Marketing
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  • Date: 22-07-2022

Scent marketing and aroma marketing were marketing methodology that was there even before the term was coined. A simplistic example of how we are reminded of the scents of a new or old book even before we open it. A powerful stimulation marketing technique that can influence the consumer while placing the brand's image in the memory creates a sensory image through scent that activates the brand's significance, leaves an impact, and lingers in the consumer's memory ­­­­­this method of creating a specific bond with the consumer is called scent marketing. When it comes to brand, what we are not aware of is that every brand has its own unique and distinctive smell, this is similar to companies own logo. One of the most popular places that are pioneers in scent marketing companies in Dubai they have been up in the game­ with the aroma diffuser or scent diffusers

Next time you will understand how scent marketing lures customers to pay when you walk into a jewellery or clothing store. So isn't now the time to dabble in scent marketing and take in the smell of the future in scent marketing.


Scent Marketing Is Your Brand’s Invisible Secret Weapon

When you are asked on a coffee run on a Monday morning, the first thing that comes to mind will be the wisp of warm coffee rather than the heavy traffic you have to take to get that coffee. Customers are most likely reminded of the brand before even seeing the brand logo, and the answer is hidden in the aroma surrounding the brand. Yes, visuals and sound would also lure your consumer to you, but a part of our brain can easily recognize and process specific emotions and memory linked with it. Our olfactory system is complex and sophisticated that it can easily trigger and process emotion and memory than our other senses.

The key advantage of scent branding is that it can remind us of every single memory linked with the scent. It can recollect the memories, so the brand can easily capitalize by stirring the consumer's memories. A strong link between memory and scent is an ideal and creative factor in creating a loyal customer base.


Why Does Scent Marketing Work?

Remarkably, scents have certain control over the mind. What is vital is how we can create the right olfactory identity that can easily speak the value of the brand's values, objectives, aspirations, and influence on the consumers. The scent can attract attention and talk about its affluence, luxury, or familiarity. So when it comes to smell, it can not only remind people of emotion, it can play with how they perceive information about the brand and pulls in the consumer with the hook and sinker.

 Each fragrances note can easily explain about different intentions and characteristics of what the company wants its consumers to know about them. It is one of the ideal ways for the scent to leave traces in our memory it works as a catalyst that can boost, catch and record the brand identity in the consumer's mind.


What Kinds of Brands Can Use Scent Marketing?

To the business owner with long-term goals, the primary goals are to flourish their business and increase profits. At times they utilize marketing strategies and follow trends to spread more awareness and lure consumers, which works at times, and at times they don't. To reach your goal is to give the consumers what they want, learn from their expectations, also adapt to your consumer needs. Scent marketing is widely used by many thriving businesses. Here are a few types of brands that can utilize Scent marketing.

For restaurants and restaurant chains, this is an excellent marketing tactic, as before even consuming the food, the first thing that catches us off guard is the tantalizing scents of the food cooked in the restaurant. It can entice and build up the appetite even before the food is served in front of you. The best example of who utilizes this strategy is burger king, with the semi-open kitchen and the aromas of the whopper that can catch any burger lover miles away. So in most of its stores, the ventilation duct spreads the alluring aroma of the food into the dining area as they are cooked, which can automatically build up the customer's hunger and make you order more.

In movie theatres, there is no way in the world you go in for a movie and not get a bucket of popcorn. The aromas of the fresh bucket popcorn and the buttery scents around the snack stand in the theatres usually drag out the moviegoers.

Clothing Stores are one of the sought-out examples as shoppers tend to shop for clothes that are fresh, new, and fragrant, simple would you buy clothes if they have a faint smell or foul odor? Nope not, really. The first-ever company that experimented with this scent marketing is Abercrombie & finch, which resulted in them being one of the top companies to experiment with neuromarketing tactics. They have a scent line that contains woody notes, in the beginning, it was hand sprayed by the store employees, and now they spray it through nebulizers to spread throughout the store. So are you keen on knowing more about scent marketing in clothing, a beginner should invest in aroma diffusers, which are widely popular in Dubai.

Automobile industry, when you get a new car, the first thing that catches us is the faint smell of the brand new car. So as long as that fragrance lasts inside the car, the car owner is proud and satisfied over time. The Roll Royce earlier on discovered it and dominated it, with its uniqueness of the brand that has unique scents linger around every drive.

Coffee shops and cafes, the incredible aromas of coffee, are the first thing that dominates anyone in the early morning. The drip coffee smell dominating a coffee shop is n­ot something new, but who took this approach to the next level was Starbucks, even though Starbucks has its own bakery section, the prominent scent dominating the coffee shop is the rich dark scent of coffee. They have a sophisticated HVAC system that adds in a bit more scent of coffee notes to remind customers to get some coffee, even if they are going the other way around the street.

Bakery or baked good store, its know surprise no matter how young or old baked good sends in a warm feeling in our heart and this can be utilized by bakery owner, as the aromas of the vanilla, freshly baked bread, cakes, etc can steer a warm cozy emotion in consumer to buy yet another loaf of bread.

In hotels, homestays, and gateways, the first thing a vacationer notice when they are in a hotel, in the room they are going to stay in for the rest of the vacation, is how it smells, like does it smell clean even before having a good look at the room. Now a hotel chain that took advantage of this brilliantly is the Hyatt brand, and they have a signature scent which is seamless that describes its brand. It's like a blend of musk, warm vanilla, fresh blueberries, and with a hint of light florals, you don't believe me, check out on the next vacation. The elegance of this combo of scents is that it perfectly aligns with the brands, accents like décor, pattern, color scheme, and branding.



Scent marketing is one of the ideal ways for the scent to leave traces in our memory it works as a catalyst that can boost, catch and record the brand identity in the consumer's mind. It is highly underrated even though it is one of the most powerful marketing methods out there, making it a treasure trove for business owners. It is proven that smell has the ability to steer behaviors on both subconscious and intuitive levels. So when it comes to scent marketing, companies of different sizes utilize scent marketing to their advantage. Atomcare is the leading scent diffuser company in Dubai who have an in-depth understanding of scent marketing. We suggest you visit our website to learn about the endless possibility of scent marketing.