Scent Your Wedding Venue
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  • Date: 27-07-2022

Over the years, many wedding trends have come and go, from grand destination weddings to small intimate ones. Nowadays, wedding planners come out with small brilliant ideas to make your day memorable. But personalized detail that is often far looked at or forgotten by the couple or planner is to scent your wedding venue. Even though the proper coined term is scent scaping. Customizing your wedding with a personalized scent to your liking, emphasizing a more personalized touch to your special day. The reason to indulge in this olfactive strategy is that it can be good to trigger the memory associated with it even decades after the wedding if that aroma lingers back into our senses again to remind us of that special day. You can effectively utilize this method, like how Air Fragrance Diffuser is used in Dubai, and the event planner tactically places them in the event for maximum utility. The best thing about scent scaping is that, contrasting other wedding trends, it doesn't have a specific theme, style, or budget, you can plan according to your taste with the scent details.


Scent Marketing for Wedding Venues                      

High-end wedding planners and organizers initially utilized the scent marketing trend in luxury venues. It made it look more exclusive to the rich and elite, but how personalized it could be is often forgotten. For humans, the sense of smell is more powerful than anyone can perceive, as it has the ability to bring back memories regardless of the place and time just by lingering in the air. Scentscaping weddings is a creative dabble on a tailored environment at your wedding venue with the unique fragrance of your choice. When planning a wedding, we give every detail a special thought. By giving explicit attention to the type of mood, we set for the guests attending the wedding. What if you can strategically elevate the vibe of the wedding by paying attention to the scent detail and carefully incorporating it suitable to the wedding venue, décor, and even floral arrangements. The ideal way is for a couple to pick a fragrance that compliments them and their relationship. With the careful arrangement of the Aroma Diffuser at specific point in the venue can reach every corner of the venue. While you make such a huge effort to make your wedding day the best day of your life, it would be best to go the extra mile to make your wedding day extra special by picking the right fragrance.


This Is Why Fragrance Marketing Is an Important Factor for Dream

Including a scent for the wedding can tug the strands of the emotion of your guest and your own, making it a day to remember. A custom wedding scent is a delicate detail that can enhance the ambiance and make your special moment with your partner more memorable. Strategically placing a scent diffuser is one of the methods used in UAE,  it is introducing an aroma diffuser in ideal points of the venue can easily spread the scent to the nook and corner of the venue by utilizing an HVAC System as well. The scent can also spark a nostalgic feeling that pulls your heartstring every time you get a whiff of the scent that marks a special spot on your wedding day. A scent has this distinctive ability to move you through place and time, back to your special movement. So the words I can recite to you is to create a scent which can make you travel back in time for years to come. Another added benefit of including a scent in your wedding is that it can enhance the event's mood the way you want it directed and lift the spirits of your guest as well.

Scents for Wedding Venues

An important decision to make while picking a scent is to pick a scent profile that perfectly fits in with your entire wedding theme. Picking a multiple scents profile that doesn't blend together can easily be a boiling pot of disaster. The ideal way to pick your scent that could easily intermingle with the floral décor, venue, food bouquet even the perfume used by the couple. To give a more in-depth idea of what scent profile you can use on your venue.

  • If you are looking for a clean, fresh, and energizing scent, go for citrus. Citrus can easily complement a floral scent and add more depth and sophistication to the event.
  • An Epicurean scent is a deep, delicate scent which can be exotic, musky, sweet, and faintly floral, which can change into a more cream-rich, sultry scent.
  •  If you have an intimate wedding, another scent profile you can opt for is a Spice/herbaceous scent profile that is therapeutic, natural, and exotic.
  • A green and natural scent profile can also opt if you are looking for more fresh, light, cool, lively notes. Most fresh scent notes are like fresh cut grass, mosses, green teas, cucumber, foliage, etc.
  • A beautifully romantic and feminine floral scent can also liven up your wedding day.
  • A fruity scent profile is to remind you of the fun, young and lively moments of your wedding day.
  • A woody scent can also look into, if that is to your liking, woody tones are rich, warm, and deep scents.
  • Oriental scent notes can also be looked into, it's a blend of exotic sweets scent notes like vanilla, orris, jasmine, orange blossoms, warm cinnamon scents, or orchid blossoms.

The ideal way to pick a scent is to mix and experiment with a few scents that compliment both the bride and groom's likes and come up with a unique scent that is the perfect way path to find your ideal scent.


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