Scent Marketing for Events, Weddings And Trade Shows
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  • Date: 16-12-2021

Scent marketing has seen leaps and bounds in the past decades. It is a must-have in large gatherings and shows in order to mask the unpleasant smell that is usually found in large crowds. Aroma Diffuser Dubai is strategically placed around the premises of the event to maximise the effectiveness of scent marketing. In this article, we will discuss Scent Marketing for Events, Weddings And Trade Shows and how it helps to maintain the aura of finesse. 

Why are Scents for Events Essential?

What we smell has a 75% influence on our emotions. Memory and emotions are controlled by the limbic system and the sense of smell is the only one that is directly linked to the limbic system. Creating a deeper emotional connection between customers and brands through multi-sensory marketing results in higher prices people are prepared to pay.

Typically, during events, we are preoccupied with the other four senses. How does the venue appear? What are our clients, consumers, prospects, or workers going to say? Should we give comfortable sofas for a more relaxed atmosphere, or should the seating be sleek and modern? What flavours will reinforce the audience's brand experience if we give food?

However, by including fragrances into our really immersive experience, we can continue to engage all five senses. Scents play on our emotions.

In fact, they do so more directly than visual or aural signals because odours are processed in the limbic system, which is associated with emotions and memory. Certain fragrances might also elicit strong memories. Fresh-cut grass, warm cookies, or salty air might evoke memories of childhood play, being looked after, or feeling joyful and calm at the beach. As a result, with the correct aroma, the business will be able to more readily tap into favourable client sentiments.

The Business of Aromas

There are several advantages to fragrance marketing, and you can expect a high return on investment.

Independent client evaluations demonstrated 

  • a 20% rise in customer satisfaction levels.
  • a daily rise of 11% in retail shop sales
  • an 8% increase in meal quality satisfaction scores—while making no modifications to the food delivered

Several studies have been undertaken throughout the years to determine the effect of scent on companies. In addition, companies have experimented with smell and produced statistics on their findings.

In Germany, a do-it-yourself business began incorporating the aroma of freshly cut grass in its retail locations. They discovered that positive consumer perceptions of the shop increased by about 50%. Customers perceived the employees as harder working and more knowledgeable as a result of the smell, according to their research.

In another case of fragrance marketing in action, a kitchen equipment business began employing the aroma of freshly baked apple pie and saw a 33 per cent increase in sales as a result.

Scents for Live Settings

The possibilities are limitless. People will be enticed to join up for a branded movie premiere experience if they are served buttered popcorn. Campfires to make your homely cottage exhibit at the trade fair more believable. Smell marketing technology is highly established and readily available. Today, the only thing that limits the usage of smells in experiential marketing is your creativity. Below mentioned are a few tried and tested scents for live settings :


This revitalising fragrance begins with a citrus splash of tart lemon, tangy grapefruit, and refreshing and zesty lime before transitioning into a floral/herbal middle note of aromatic rosemary, spicy green basil, dry eucalyptus, dry eucalyptus, sensual scented night-blooming jasmine, rich and creamy gardenia and bright carnation. The perfume is completed with earthy patchouli, warm amber, full-bodied Douglas fir, and a base note of woody musk.

Eucalyptus Mint

Eucalyptus, which is earthy, fresh, dry, and herbal, is combined with sweet, dry mint to revitalise any environment and ease mental tiredness. This stimulating and zesty scent fosters networking and the exchange of ideas and plans, making it ideal for large-scale events such as conferences, banquets, and conference stadiums.


This scent begins with top notes of fresh air, creamy coconut, and hints of sweet maraschino cherry. The centre notes include sweet, fragrant jasmine, warm and spicy fennel, and dry, somewhat sweet garden mint. The fragrance concludes with a base note of cosy, creamy vanilla, woody, warm, and rich sandalwood, and earthy musk.


This fragrance is intended to be enigmatic, and as such, identifying its complex mélange is challenging at best. Its nondescript aroma notes were created specifically for smell management applications and are ideal solutions for obstinate odours in big spaces, but are practically hard to recognise.

The Power of Atmocare Scent in Larger Live Settings

Our fragrance-marketing experts realise that the genuine power of ambient branding resides in creating the basis for scent selection, which appears simple but needs skill and careful investigation.

Whatever perfume is chosen for a major event, must be compatible with the atmosphere in which those distinctive aromas will be dispersed. Consider the following creative solutions for event planners looking for ideas on how to effectively present their business in such an environment:

  • Immerse potential buyers in the scent of the product offered and promote items represented by either boosting the aroma of the product itself or investing in one of our extremely effective diffuser systems.
  • Hands-on interactive displays of depicted items can be used to engage the sense of touch.
  • Create multi-sensory enjoyable events in between lecture and workshop sessions to keep audiences awake.
  • Integrate creative areas with mood-setting music, visual displays, and smell when creating huge event venues to promote conversation during major gatherings.

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