Reed Diffusers vs Scented Candles
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  • Date: 20-10-2022

Who doesn’t love a good smell? Sometimes when you get into a room and a nice fragrance is all around, your mood changes instantly, right? Good smells can bring a good mood wherever you are! And smells can be different, they can be varied according to different people. Your friend might love the fragrance of flowers while you find it awful. So it is vital to find your choice before your friend comes to your room with a flower fragrant.

In this blog, you will be introduced to two fragrant-infusing products that bring a good aroma. Those are Reed diffusers and scented candles. You will get to know more about the difference between scented candles and reed diffusers, but first, you need to know each of them. 


Scented Candles

While making candles, sweet-smelling oils are mixed into the wax to make fragrant candles before the wax cools down that provides an aromatic scent while burning. Scented candles help to enhance your mood and produce some hormones that can boost your mood. If you think the fragrant smell can bring a bad effect on your health, it won’t do any harm to human health. 

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are sticks that are soaked in fragrant oils in a holder and it is an admired product that brings out a quality fragrance that doesn’t require an open flame. They are the best alternative to infusing special fragrances into your rooms.

We are one of the leading companies to produce Aroma Diffusers in UAE. Find the best fragrant reed diffusers with us. 

Scented Candles Vs Reed Diffusers: Which One’s Right For You?

Everyone’s preference can be different in aspects of what kind of smell they like, where they want it, or how they want it. You will realize more about the difference between reed diffusers and scented candles to choose the right option for your choice. 

If you just need a good smell and are not bothered about other aspects, you can go for scented candles. It can also be used for light in case of a blackout.

The main aspect of a reed diffuser is that it does not require any kind of flame or energy meanwhile you know how to light a candle and it can be sometimes dangerous if you have toddlers and pets that are curious about fire and fumes. While you want to adjust smells and it needs to be a part of aromatherapy, reed diffusers are the best choice. Atmocare produces top-scented reed diffusers in Dubai.

Diffusers last longer than fragrant candles because diffusers use only a small amount of oil and candles can be burnt out in continuous use. Diffusers can last for 8 months according to their brief. You can mix one or two oils to bring a new scent to the diffuser, but the scent of candles cannot be varied till it burns out. 

Diffusers are more effective than scented candles in terms of reaching a wide area with a fragrance that can fully infuse the room with a good smell. Not only do they produce a good smell but also they are created in good designs which bring an elegant look to your home decor. Get the top Air Fragrance Diffuser in Dubai from Atmocare

Why you should choose reed diffusers

If you are looking for a good smell-filling substance to place on your office desk, that also helps in reducing stress and anxious mind, reed diffusers are the best pick for you. 

Reed diffusers are safer than scented candles because they don't need any use of flame or fire which is a perfect suit for your room, office, or any closed room. You can use it anywhere you like at any time. You can adjust the smell of the diffuser by changing the number of reeds in the vessel, so you get a less concentrated aroma in your room. 

Why you should choose candles

You are at your home to take a good shower after your hectic day at the office, you light a candle and you are in your bathtub relaxing the day off! Sounds good right? 

If you need a good fragrance that also adds to a good ambiance, candles are the better choice for you. Also, scented candles are multifunctional. It can be used as a source of light. There is a limitation when it comes to scented candles, you need to light them with a flame to produce the fragrance. Atmocare produces one of the finest Scented candles in Dubai. 

In conclusion, both scented candles and reed diffusers are good options when choosing fine smell-producing products but are different in some ways. It can be used accordingly by understanding the purpose and outcome of both products. You might have concluded whether you are a reed diffuser person or a scented candle type of person.