How to Clean an Oil Diffuser
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  • Date: 29-11-2021

In our stressed-filled life, introducing the magic of scents using an oil diffuser Dubai can really make a world of difference. Whether it’s your home space, office or even your gym, being surrounded by pleasant scents is always better than not. But like any device, oil diffusers also need to be maintained properly in order for them to be effective. Many people seldom know how to clean an oil diffuser properly leading to a shortened lifespan of their diffuser machines. So we have curated a few simple steps you can take to care of your Scent Diffuser UAE.

Simple Steps To Clean Your Oil Diffuser

1. Disconnect your diffuser

This is critical! Pouring water on the electric portion of your diffuser might cause it to break. Remove the diffuser's cable or the chamber from the battery and wash separately. Rinse off any remaining oil and water at this time.

2. Fill with Alcohol

Load your diffuser with a quarter-inch of Alcohol

3. Switch on your diffuser

Surprisingly, the following step is to reconnect your diffuser to its power supply! Allowing the alcohol to go through the entire diffuser helps clear out any oil blockages and keep it running better for a longer period of time. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes for a good deep clean.

4. Empty out the solutions

Unplug/detach your diffuser from the power source once more. Empty the chamber's contents into the sink or toilet.

5. Clean the chamber

Wipe out all surfaces of the diffuser with a clean cotton pad dipped in a little extra alcohol. Continue rubbing until there is no more greasy residue to be felt. If you're using an ultrasonic diffuser, pay close attention to the 'mist chip,' which is the little silver chip that allows it to emit mist!

6. Rinse the chamber with water

Rinse off all of the alcohol and fix the diffuser.

7. Clean the exterior using a cloth

Using a dry cloth, dry any exposed parts. To be safe, do this before reconnecting the power supply.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Diffuser?

Now that you know how to clean an oil diffuser, let's talk about why. Your essential oil diffuser Dubai functions similarly to a contact lens container or a dehumidifier. You use it virtually every day, yet the notion of cleaning it never comes to you. While most surfaces and appliances in your house rapidly become breeding grounds for mould, germs, and other nasties if not cleaned on a regular basis, diffusers are seldom one of them. Essential oils are antibacterial or antifungal in general, therefore they aid in the prevention of mould growth.

So...why bother right? The answer has nothing to do with reducing the likelihood of pollutants entering your home's air. Instead, it's about ensuring that your diffuser works properly. Oils, especially more viscous ones like patchouli or vetiver, produce residues that might clog diffusers and make them less effective. Those residues can also have an impact on the aroma and effectiveness of the next oil you diffuse. If you're dispersing lavender to relax, any lingering scent from the energetic grapefruit you diffused earlier in the day may make it difficult to relax.

How Often To Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser?

Cleaning diffusers do not have to be a chore. Simply wipe away any extra oil or water with a microfiber towel or a Q-tip after each usage of your diffuser. Then, once in 3 months, thoroughly clean the equipment by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol. Deep clean once in 45 days. However, unless you want your place to stink, you should probably do it outdoors. To avoid the accumulation of dirt and filth in your diffuser, keep it clean at all times.

Tips For Keeping Your Diffuser Healthy

  • Don't fill your diffuser to the brim with water. Your diffuser may overheat if you exceed the maximum fill line.
  • Wherever feasible, use distilled or filtered water in your diffuser. Minerals in tap water might accumulate in your diffuser, causing internal processes to malfunction.
  • Use only pure essential oils and avoid any additions or fillers. These can accumulate in your diffuser and cause long-term harm.
  • When emptying and refilling the diffuser, as well as cleaning it, keep the outside buttons and air vents dry.
  • Avoid keeping water in your diffuser for extended periods of time. Bacteria can develop in this environment, causing your diffuser to malfunction.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners and solvents. You can use items like distilled water, essential oils,  and synthetic oils.

In conclusion, having a clean and healthy atmosphere is a choice just like following a balanced diet. Your future self will thank you if you do it now. Atmocare is a leading Scent marketing company in UAE supplying high-quality diffusers that helps in setting up the perfect ambience for your space.