How Scent Solutions Can Benefit Your Veterinary Clinics
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  • Date: 16-10-2021

Veterinary clinics offer a safe haven for pet owners to bring their pets and domestic animals for getting the required treatment and periodic grooming. Usually situated at a remote site that is far from the busy streets, these clinics have regular visitors. One of the first things your clients notice, when they walk into your veterinary clinic waiting room, is how it smells. If your clinic is a combination of musty dog hair, industrial cleaning agents, and feline spray smell, you are missing an opportunity to not only make your clients feel more at ease but also to build your brand as a clean and approachable veterinary clinic as well. The reason behind this is the sense of smell which is connected to the memory center of the brain and scents that are tied to specific past memories. Depending on what smell is filling your waiting room, it can work for or against you. Unfortunately, a room full of dogs, cats, and other furry creatures that shed hair collectively produces a scent that is often unpleasant. Worry not, air fragrance diffusers in Dubai can literally mask the problem, so read on to know how scent solutions can benefit your veterinary clinics.

Scent Your Veterinary Clinic to Eliminate Malodors

Although scents we are trying to mask have little to no effect on the actual pets, some pets shudder and hide at the mention of a Vet. They hardly like anybody intruding on their space, let alone cut their nails or do a full body checkup.    

“Veterinary clinics are places that the pets detest, don’t let the pet owners feel the same way too”

When it came to the elimination of malodors, the choices available earlier were inconsistent, ineffective, or those that reeked of strong chemicals.

Choices included the following:

  • Bland Janitorial scent products that have no consistency and are highly generic
  • Ineffective plastic containers of scent that lose most of their strength soon after installation and were made of cardboard strips and gels.
  • Aerosol sprays with limited strength and reach. 
  • Janitorial products that are based on bleach and make your waiting room smell like a hospital floor.

Why not try new technology in scent marketing like cold-diffusion scent distribution systems to eliminate malodors in your veterinary clinic waiting room instead of using old-fashioned scent solutions. Employ scents that instill the feelings you want your owners and pets to experience while visiting the clinic.

  • Bamboo & White tea is bound to make a memorable first impression. The clients are encouraged to look forward to experiencing the scent on subsequent return visits.
  • Royal Palm scent can make your waiting room smell clean and fresh as well as neutralize odors 
  • Southern Spring scent also evokes the familiar smell of a beautiful spring day while neutralizing malodors.

How Scent Solutions can benefit Your Veterinary Clinics

  • Reduced stress
    There are plenty of studies that document the effect that scent has on reducing stress levels in people. citrus scents when instilled into their workplace environments help to reduce stress levels by at least 40%. As per a patent that is owned by International Flavors and Fragrances, nutmeg oil also has stress-reducing effects. Different studies showed that nutmeg significantly reduced systolic blood pressure in response to a mild stressor, tension,  anxiety, and anger as well as increased relaxation, calmness, and tranquillity. Another study shows that the fragrance of vanilla reduces the startle reflex in both men and animals. 
  • Calmer Pet Owners
    Owners or so-called ‘parents’ of the pets cannot stand to see their loved one in pain and can often be jittery around procedures involved to treat the animal. Many times, they tend to lash out if they feel that the staff is inexperienced. Although no entry signs may be posted, they would barge in to make sure everything is alright. Vanilla scents have a calming effect that reduces their tension and helps them calm down enough to let the practitioners complete their process.  
  • Lifts the spirit of your veterinary clinic staff
    Life as a clinic staff can often be stressful and unappreciative. This is particularly true for people who just work part-time for extra income or those without a passion for animals. On top of that, they have to deal with the pet owners’ fluctuating emotions. Working long hours can definitely take a toll on one’s concentration and energy. 

The scent of cinnamon can reduce drowsiness and irritability. It induces a feeling of joy and satisfaction that keeps the employees energized, vigilant, and engaged during long shifts. Besides, a sharp & alert mind will reduce errors that actually contribute to stress in the first place. Ambient scents can serve as the invisible chill pill to help relax your veterinary clinic staff during the busy and hectic moments of the day. Lavender scents have properties that soothe the staff at a chaotic call center who are stressed out. Antigermal properties of the scents can even reduce sickness in enclosed rooms. Besides, a happy staff is less likely to take unwanted sick leaves and hence improves the productivity of the clinic as well.