How Scent Marketing Increases Sales in Dubai
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  • Date: 25-01-2022

When you enter any retail outlet and smelled anything familiar to be instantaneously transported to another time and place, then know that you have been influenced by the much-acclaimed scent marketing.  This is quite natural in humans because our olfactory senses(our sense of smell) are intimately related to portions of our brain concerned with generating memories and sensations. Aromas from freshly baked food items, fragrances, and cleaning chemicals are just a few examples of scents that might elicit memories we didn't even realize we had. Not only can fragrance help us recall long-forgotten memories, but it also causes us to experience the same feelings we had the first time. This feeling of nostalgia is being utilized by retailers with Scent Diffuser Dubai to encourage shoppers to linger for more time. So read along to understand how scent marketing increases sales in Dubai.

Use the Sense of Smell as a Marketing Opportunity

People, like all living organisms, have used their senses from the beginning of time to learn about the world around them. They continue to do this throughout their lives. As a result, appealing to the senses may be an effective strategy to influence client behavior. Whether a perfume inspires pleasant or negative feelings in a person is mostly determined by his/her own memories linked with the aroma. These recollections are based on prior experience, which might make a fragrance pleasing to one person but unpleasant to another. Scent marketing represents fragrance in the marketing of the senses.

Because of the global market's competitive climate, businesses are always challenged to create effective techniques that will allow them to maintain a competitive advantage in the fight for the consumer. The use of sensory marketing tools in brand-building processes is one such method. The existence of a scent that corresponds to the theme and items in the shop has a beneficial influence on both the evaluation of the location and the evaluation of the products offered in the place. Some studies even confirm that the scent's dispersal can influence the amount of time spent in the store.

How Scents Influence Emotions And Behavior

Scents are unseen, living polaroids that contain a wide range of memories and emotions. A whiff of Pumpkin Spice Latte, for example, might conjure up pictures of beautiful leaves and the beginning of the Fall season, whilst the fragrance of rain may bring back childhood memories of waddling in puddles. Interestingly, the fragrance of a new automobile might evoke feelings of nostalgia when you recall acquiring your first car.

Odor has no boundaries or limits and is free to wander. And, for our survival, breathing is one of our unconscious habits that welcomes and recognizes many kinds of odors present in our environment.

Consider each memory we generate to be a personal narrative containing all of the learning lessons that life has to give. As a result, as we go about our days, each memorable incident is stored in our memory as a series of sensory details. In this way, the odor is to memories what a synopsis is to novels.

The odors we pick up during such life-changing events are subsequently passed through the olfactory bulb and conveyed to our hippocampus (also known as the library of memories and emotions). As a result of this collaboration, particular odors establish connections or rather become descriptors of each narrative.

Start a Scent Marketing Strategy

Generate your own Signature Scent: Retailers must draw on their own experience. According to Forbes, more than three-quarters of millennials would rather spend money on an experience than on a coveted item. To draw people in with a nice aroma, stand out from the throng with your unique perfume. Potential clients passing by will be drawn in by the aroma and will come in for the first time out of curiosity. Then, if they feel at ease, they are more likely to remain around and notice this high demand for attention. Here are some of the proven scent choices for your business: 

Fresh Linens: Medical Industry

The aroma of freshly laundered linens is ideal for organizations in the fitness or hospitality industry that require a crisp and clean scent.

Floral burst: Retail Stores

Floral scents are ideal for the retail business since they encourage shoppers to remain longer. According to studies, the longer a client stays in a business, the more they spend.

The smell of Leather: Premium Stores

Leather perfumes are ideal for luxury brand stores since they evoke sentiments of wealth and, yes, high-end leather. This would work great in a business that sells high-end apparel, jewelry, and other accessories.

Vanilla: Entertainment Business

In the entertainment business, the smell of Vanilla has been shown to help elevate moods and keep the mood light.

Salons & Spas that use lavender

Lavender is ideal for companies who wish to link themselves with sensations of calm. This fragrance would work great in a salon or spa setting.

Casinos: Lemongrass

Lemongrass is zestier and energizing, and it can boost vitality in the places where it is diffused. A fantastic choice for casinos, fitness gyms, and other high-energy activities.

So if you are looking to spruce things up for your business in Dubai, then contact Atmocare for the best scent marketing in the country. We offer the top-end Automatic Fragrance Diffuser in Dubai to all our customers for effective scent marketing.