How scent marketing can impact customer experience in car showrooms?
  • Post by: Admin
  • Date: 17-05-2021

With the fierce competition in the auto industry and countless models (and their variants) available, choosing your car becomes a hectic task. Every brand has its ardent followers and the opinions of your well-wishers are a dime a dozen. Not to mention the dilemma of whether to buy a brand new car and flash it around your neighbors or save on the extra costs by going for a used one in good condition. Also, the current economic condition across the world is not exactly at its prime due to the unwavering pandemic. Even if one decides to go for it, online pre-booking and the subsequent purchase of cars have become common in today’s world. 

Ever walked into a car showroom and felt surprisingly relaxed by the ambiance? So much that you linger around for more time, going through various catalogs and checking out car models beyond your initial budget. It may not be surprising that you seriously consider buying from this place and put off visiting further outlets. Chances are that you took this decision subconsciously because a pleasant memory of an earlier time was triggered which allowed you to let down your anxiety & fear of making the wrong choice. Let us just say that it is the way the showroom was designed to put you at ease. Since all necessary details and feature comparisons are available at the click of a button on smartphones, the time spent by prospective buyers at the dealerships is dwindling. The need to physically visit a showroom is being clouded by the convenience of the internet. User reviews and expert opinions are readily available. However, the final decision is still being taken after the final interaction at the car dealerships by the majority(for now). Also, youngsters tend to visit multiple showrooms before making up their mind. 

Hence showrooms employ various tactics to capture your attention for longer periods of time. Maintaining a clean and tidy showroom with well-polished top variant models on display alone is not going to do the trick. Multisensory experiences tend to have more success rates as compared to just visual aids. Combining the feel of different senses with soothing music, an air-conditioned atmosphere, an eye-pleasing display, and a disarming aroma, dealerships entice their prospective customers into making the right choice.

Scent marketing or Ambient scenting is the method of using proven fragrances to enhance the shopping experience. People tend to stay longer at a store with a fragrance Machine in Dubai giving a good soothing smell and the more they spend time in one particular place, the chances of spending more money increases. Also, this ensures returning customers as well. This is because the olfactory sensors are a crucial part of setting our mood and emotion. On the other hand, unless implemented properly, it can turn away customers as well. It will be wise to employ experts when deciding to buy and set up the fragrance machines. Scent Marketing is an ever-growing industry and choosing the right type of fragrances and the scent diffusers suitable for your dealership can accentuate the overall customer experience.

The successful implementation of scent marketing depends on many factors like:

● Size of the Showroom: The actual space which needs to be filled with fragrance is a deciding factor for the diffusion method. If the fragrance machine used is weak, then the whole point of doing it is a waste of time. Too much and it becomes counterproductive as people will be overwhelmed and find it difficult to breathe.

● Topography: Depending on the location and natural weather conditions, the choice of fragrances will differ. Some fragrances may change based on the humidity and temperature.

● Cultural preferences: Each culture has its tastes and preferences. Scents are no different and understanding the targeted audience plays an important role in selecting the fragrances.

● Branding: It is not uncommon for different outlets of the same brand of cars to choose the same aroma throughout all outlets to maintain uniformity. Just like the logo, people tend to associate smells also to the brand, and therefore it is very important for dealerships to choose fragrances that best suit them.

Dubai is famous for its hospitality towards the world and the use of aroma diffuser Dubai is pretty common. Almost every car dealerships use Air Fragrance diffusers. Hence the competition in the field is also pretty fierce. Finding competent aroma solutions who can understand the requirements of the business and suggest accordingly is also equally important. Atmocare is a leading supplier of automatic fragrance diffuser in Dubai and Hygiene Solutions in UAE. Having over 10 years of experience catering to various industries including scent, hygiene, and industrial products, we can ensure that every dealership can rise up to its full potential in terms of aroma management and provide the overall customer satisfaction that all showroom visitors truly deserve.