How Scent Can Help Memory Loss Patients?
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  • Date: 31-08-2022

A scent can transport a person to a specific time or place in their memory. There is an inextricable link between scent and memory. The connection between scent and memory can be used as a therapy to inspire recollection in memory loss patients. This helps us to unlock memories that we may not be able to recall otherwise. So one might ponder how scent can help memory loss patients. Read along to know the superpower of scents. 

Scent Offers Hope 

Loss of appetite is one of the major challenges faced by people suffering from memory loss. Some of the mental care centers are using the solution of scent to overcome this problem. It is because the scent is increasing their appetite leading them to enjoy healthier lives. 

How scent can help memory loss patients? Scents such as citrus, cardamom, ginger, bergamot, roman chamomile, peppermint, and spearmint are known to help stimulate appetite in those patients suffering from memory loss. It is because scents help them to recall both good and bad memories as it reaches the memory center of the brain. 

Scents also help influence the energy levels, mood, and stress levels of the patients. Scents help them in achieving a higher quality of life. Scent diffuser Dubai can help us to calm down subconsciously. 


Physical and Mental Benefits of Scents for Memory Loss Patients  

Scents cause different responses in memory loss patients. People with memory loss experience different kinds of behavioral and psychological symptoms. These include anxiety, trouble while sleeping, confusion, and depression. Scents expelled by Aroma diffuser Dubai positively help them when used safely. 

Scents such as bergamot, lavender, and chamomile help them to have better sleep at night. Sound sleep is important as it helps in memory gain. It is quite important for them to remain engaged and motivated throughout. Scents with citrus help them to relax and also improve their memory.

Scents like Peppermint stimulate their mind and calm nerves. When influenced by the scent of peppermint, a lower level of fatigue is found in them. It also boosts their energy and also promotes clear thinking. Scents such as Rosemary can also fight physical exhaustion and mental fatigue. The scent of ginger helps them to fight digestive issues. 

Scents have physical and mental benefits on memory loss patients as they reduce agitation, boost mood, enhance sleep and improve their appetite. This helps them to have better control over their daily processes as well as better memory. It also helps them to have a better quality of life as the scent uplifts their mind and body and improves their cognitive performance. 


How Does Scent Connect Us? 

There is a close connection between scent and memories. Scents serve as a memory trigger as it has the power to recall and recognize different information. It plays an important role in the healing of a person's mind, body, and soul.

The anatomy of the brain permits olfactory signals to enter the limbic system. This makes the scent and memory so closely linked. The scent is very powerful as the people feel that they are experiencing the event once again. It conjures up memories. 

The scent is the backdrop for a person or their emotional state. It can be strongly connected with a person as it revives the emotions or feelings that were once experienced. Be it episodic memories or memories related to specific events, the scent is best connected to the memories. The actual memory trigger can vary from person to person as everyone's experience with scent is so personal. 

How Is Our Sense of Smells Linked to Our Brains?

The sense of smell is connected with the olfactory system. It can influence our attitude and nature and can also arouse memories. 

Our sense of smell functions by perceiving odors. Located in the nose, the olfactory epithelium can detect odors as they contain millions of chemical receptors. When we sniff, olfactory epithelium containing odor receptor neurons detect these odors. It is then sent into the olfactory bulbs. Through sensory transduction, these signals are then sent into the olfactory cortex of the brain. 

A component of the limbic system, the olfactory cortex is vital for processing smell. The limbic connects the senses to our memories and emotions. The limbic system structures such as the amygdala form emotional responses and memories, memory is stored in the hippocampus, and emotional responses are regulated by the hypothalamus. 


Scents That Can Help With Memory

Smell is directly connected to the brain as it is the strongest of the senses. It is because of this reason that the inhalation of scent can instantly evoke a strong feeling or remind us of any specific event. 

The scent of Rosemary is known for remembrance. The mind and the memory get stimulated by the scent of Rosemary. It also improves speed and accuracy while doing mental tasks. Cognitive performance and mood improve through this scent and can also raise memory test scores. 

The scent of Peppermint rejuvenates the senses. This also increases a person's ability to think and act effectively and clearly. 

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