How scent can enhance the gym routine
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  • Date: 16-08-2021

A Breath of Fresh Air

Did you know that smell is the most sensitive of all 5 senses? In fact, it is the first sense to develop in infants. As many as six million odour detecting cells are available in our noses. Smells are prone to invoke memories in us that we may have forgotten in our busy lives. This is because the part of our brain that processes smell(the limbic system in the brain) also stores our memories. Getting a whiff of something associated with a particular memory will retrigger that memory: whether it’s the smell of lavender at a childhood home, a face cream our mother once used, or freshly baked cookies that our grandma used to make. Our moods are influenced by our sense of smell more than we give it credit for. You are more likely to be in a good mood once you walk into a room that features a pleasant soothing fragrance. However, your sense of smell influences your moods much more than we imagine. In this blog, we can discuss how scent can enhance the gym routine.

Benefits of Scent marketing for Gym and Fitness centres

All businesses have begun to wake up to the true power of scent in the past few decades. Due to scent’s effect on the customer experience, major brands are now investing in the way their premises smell. Hotels have always been known to craft signature scents in their lobbies that guests enjoy. In recent years, even Gyms have started adopting this enticing business concept from hotels and filling their facilities with aromas that complement their purpose. 

The smells that used to come to our mind when we think of gyms were that of sweat, shoes, sodden towels and generally everything that adds to be the “Gym Stink”. Perhaps it is more important for gyms, fitness centres, and yoga studios to have a good clean smelling environment than any other service industry. In fact, the number one complaint in fitness centres is usually not lack of operating hours, staff or even equipment. It is the foul odour that lingers in the workout area due to multiple individuals sharing a common Gym area. Below mentioned are a few of the benefits of scent marketing for Gyms: 

  • Strengthens Your Brand
  • Provides a Competitive Edge
  • Increase Retention Rates and new Membership

Strengthening Your Brand: Associating your Gym with a particular smell will help the users to identify the pleasant nature of the fragrance with your brand. It gives a lasting impression in their minds which will trigger them to spread the word about how good smelling their gym is to their friends and families. 

Provides a Competitive Edge: Fitness clubs & Gyms constantly compete on a variety of levels like the amenities available, membership price, and overall environment. The use of Aroma Diffuser UAE for scent marketing gives them an edge over the competition. Customers often go in person and compare the various facilities offered by a gym when they plan to enrol in a new fitness regime and a favourably scented environment has a distinct advantage over others.

Increase Retention Rates and new Membership: Gym memberships are one of the most cancelled memberships as many people fail to pursue their new year resolutions of leading a healthy life. The gym stink we discussed earlier is one more reason for them to not come back to their fitness centres. So by eliminating that problem and providing a pleasant experience that aims at reducing their stress and improving their moods, the retention rates of your establishment can be significantly improved with the perfect ambient scenting. Strategically placed scent diffuser machines in Dubai can really be the game changer you are looking for.

Pick the right scent for your Gym

As discussed, each smell has a different effect on the brain and thus choosing the right scent for your gym is essential. The point to note here is that the scents need to be evenly distributed and should not be overpowering. This would have the opposite effect of what you are planning to achieve. Using scent diffuser machines Dubai can ease your mind of that trouble. Here are a few of the popular smells and their effects: 

Citrus smells:  have been shown to decrease depression in a clinical setting, especially Lemon. Diffusing lemon essential oil along with some eucalyptus makes the space smell inviting, clean, and not overpowering along with setting a fresh and invigorating tone.

Lavender smells:  is a very popular calming fragrance that can help people relax as they work out. Smelling some cool lavender smell during and after a heavy workout can put people at ease.

Eucalyptus smells:  is earthy yet energizing and bright like pine trees with a hint of mint, lemon, and subtle sweetness. They are used in cleaning products along, so it brings the feeling of cleanliness. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the diffuser and add water.

The power of scent should never be underestimated. It can improve perception, enhance mood, mask odours, and elongate the user experience in any facility. Scent marketing, when done professionally, is an effective and budget-friendly way to give you a competitive edge, increase membership and retention rates and ultimately strengthen your brand. Use aroma diffuser Dubai for achieving the best results in the UAE.