How Is Scent Marketing Different From Other Marketing Strategies
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  • Date: 12-12-2022

You just took a stroll and smelled delicious food, would you stop by the cafe to have that? Or do you just wish you could have that? Well, it is the smell that is the hero and the villain here. A scent has a great role in making something feel good. So for instance you are in the supermarket to buy soap, will you choose the unpleasant one or the nice one? Of course, you will take the fine soap rather than the awful one. See the difference? This blog is about the topic How Is Scent Marketing Different From Other Marketing Strategies? Also, our Fragrance Machine in Dubai is a great choice to infuse nice odor into your space. 

The power of smell as a tool in the marketing strategy

For every business, the essence of smell indicates its brand identity. Many brands can be identified by just smell. So it is vital to have a recognizable odor for your products. The senses are really impacted when they sniff good scents. They go beyond the perception to infuse a comfortable mood. It is proven that brand awareness has increased when they come up with solutions that make use of more than one sense.  


After all, the smell is the most impressive sense that has emotional effects. By using scent marketing, brands can connect with their customers on a deeper level that gives an impression of their experience. Odor has a great role in tempting consumers to buy your products, enhancing their value, expanding brand awareness, and intensifying the satisfaction of the customers. It has the potential to trigger behaviors and memories of the customers which can bring infallible results. So when the sense of smell is mixed with the marketing strategy, it enhances the brand awareness and experience of choosing your product and creates a long-lasting impression.    

How Is Scent Marketing Different From Other Marketing Strategies


The smell is an evoking sense and marketers use this as a tool to allure and convert in-store customers. Scent marketing is a form of sensory marketing that specifically focuses on targeting the customer’s sense of smell. It includes strategically infusing scents on various spaces. The aim of this type of marketing is to bring a memorable and nice experience for the customers while shopping for your products that can raise sales as well as form them to come back again. Our Scent Diffuser Dubai can infuse your products with a pleasant odor. 

Do you feel good when you sniff a good smell from a shop? Will you stay longer for their services? Would you visit or recommend that shop to your friends? Retailers consider many aspects while creating ample space for their products to be displayed to sell. Decor, space, Employee approach, lighting, temperature, and many interesting factors add positive impacts on customers while they are shopping from your brand. Additionally, scents play a good role in giving the customers a nice experience.    


How Can You Reap The Benefits Of A Scent Marketing Strategy?

Scents have a great impact on your brand. Some businesses know this and have made a strategy with scent marketing that brings great and positive results. There are many advantages to using scent marketing plans. We can discuss the benefits of having good scents in your space. 

Good smells bring great moments. Your product and services can be added to a pleasant memory of the customer by imprinting good scents. So you should choose a fragrance that is not too light or strong. Your preferred scent should symbolize the ambiance and value of the space or your business. Customers should feel a wide package of experiences about the brand and one of them is bringing it through scent marketing. It improves the experience and they might come again without going to your competitor.

Scent marketing can attract more customers that can also in turn inspire the loyalty of the brand. Research has shown that customers that are experienced with good scents are proven to stay longer at the store than they normally did. Marketers who have used this strategy to enhance customer satisfaction are not going to compromise in any aspect of scent marketing. Additionally, sales can be improved that attract customers to avail of the services and products. It also brings a good mood to the consumers. 

To reiterate, scents are an amazing tool to make an impression. So why don’t you add good fragrance to your space and products? It’s pretty proven that people are more attracted to good-smelling products than products that produce no scents at all. Also, you can infuse your space with ambient scents that can tempt the customer to stay a little longer. Our Aroma Diffuser UAE can help you fill the space with nice odors that make the customer keep sniffing all the time they are inside your store.