How Does Shopping Mall Increase Its Revenue?
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  • Date: 03-10-2022

Pleasant aromas always make people linger as they are sensitive to smell. Business owners can enhance income by applying proper fragrance at the right time and location while also improving customers' image of their brand. Shopping in the mall becomes more enjoyable to visitors because of the aroma. Read along to know how does shopping mall increase its revenue. 

Atmocare is a trusted scent marketing company in Dubai that provides a unique opportunity to create a perfect atmosphere for its clients. Their scent diffuser machines in Dubai can be used in any setting. They have the power to make the customers more attracted to the business. They create memorable experiences with the scent which in turn increase the sales of the company and customer satisfaction. 


Why Do Malls Smell Good? 


Nowadays, people find that perfumes are diffused in a large amount throughout the malls. They are either mounted on walls or ceilings and sometimes installed in air conditioning ducts. People tend to associate a certain scent with a certain mall as every mall has some sort of unique scent in them. 

Malls consider it money well spent to make more and more people get attracted to the mall. Ambient scent causes shoppers to linger and spend more as it subtly contributes to a favorable perception of quality. The scent of natural herbs, fruits, and flowers creates an atmosphere unique to the mall. Because the malls smell good, it even gets requests from clients to purchase the scent for personal use. Customers are more likely to buy more if they are in a state of good mood as the scents have a calming influence on them.

As malls outdo each other through displays and decor and become more and more competitive, scents are the way to boost their outcome. Therefore, malls smell good because of the unique calming properties of the scent used. 


Using Scent As a Marketing Tool


Scent has a powerful impact on the behavior of the consumer. It is because scents are directly linked to the limbic system and have an immediate and compelling effect. Therefore, scents have an ultimate impact on the emotion of a person as it goes beyond the rational perception of the consumer. 

As the customer enters the business, the scents can relax them and ensure that they enjoy the experience. It can increase sales and can increase customer dwell time. It has also shown to be very impressive in the return on investment. By diffusing pleasurable aromas at various touch points, many well-known brands have integrated scents into their marketing mix. It is because scent marketing has proved to be the most effective marketing tool. 

Scents increase the perception of quality as customers evaluate products in scented environments as being of higher quality. In a scented environment, customers are more eager to buy and willing to pay more. They also spend more time and money in a scented environment. This causes more sales. Also, more than unscented shops, customers tend to remember those that are scented. 

As a result of breathing in a pleasant aroma, consumers experience many positive feelings. The pleasant environment makes them spend more quality time. Eventually, they end up buying more products. For businesses to help them to stand out from the crowd, the scent is a new and unique marketing tool that attracts a large number of customers. 


How Does Scent Branding Increase Retention and Revenue?


Scent branding is targeted in part at the consumer's sense of smell. Scent branding is aimed to increase retention and revenue as it creates a stronger brand with the customers to become a part of the company's brand identity. The right fragrance and strategy create a unique customer experience and communicate a clear, likeable brand identity. 

Across a vast array of industries, modern scent branding has quickly become a viable business marketing strategy. The moods of the consumer can be influenced subtly through the use of scent and also the purchase intent. While increasing a customer's overall brand perception, customer experience managers know that the right fragrance in the right place can drive revenue. 

Scent diffusing seduces the customers to make a purchase. Catering to both male and female customers, department stores and retail environments deliberately and strategically place scent diffusers with unique fragrances. It is done by marketers to have the most influence over their client's intent to buy. 


Which Scent is Right for You? 


Rather than concentrating on the task of buying goods and products, strong scents can cause buyers to consider what the scent is. It is better to opt for scents that create a subtle approach. 

Citrus is a winning scent and leaves a positive impression on those who smell it. The fragrance of citrus is generally characterized by a fresh, zesty feel.  It boosts the mood of the customer and can help relieve stress. It improves mental stability and creates a more calming effect. 

The limbic system of the brain which controls emotion and memory has a beneficial effect on the smell of citrus. It is because since citrus is fresh, its scent is extremely airy and light. Rather than potent, its fragrance is subtle, fresh, lively, and light. 

Atmocare is the leading supplier of aroma diffusers in Dubai that create miracles with scents. Scent diffuser UAE helps people to calm down subconsciously. Their scent solution enhances the connection with the brand and the customers as they are made from the best quality perfumes across the world.