How Brands Benefit From Scent Marketing
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  • Date: 25-03-2022

Scent marketing is concerned with our olfactory sense. It's a big word, yet it simply means "the sense of smell." The sense of smell is a significant one in our bodies, and it has an effect on our emotions as well. Coming home and smelling your favourite food being prepared is perhaps the best feeling in the world. Brands employ this powerful sense to engage with you in this way. In scientific terms, humans can detect thousands of distinct varieties of scent, which is why it is the second most powerful sense after vision. The ability to recall any brand and recognise it just by smelling the scent connected with it is what every brand employs for marketing purposes. That is how Scent marketing companies in Dubai operate. So read along to understand how brands benefit from scent marketing.

Scent Marketing And Today's Competitive Market

The art of Scent marketing, in particular, goes beyond just distributing a nice odour in a specific place. Aroma branding is the process of developing a characteristic scent that is connected with a company and elicits specific emotions. It entails combining a company's corporate identity, marketing messaging, and target audience and creating a scent that emphasises these principles. We specialise in scent marketing for anything from exquisite perfumes to personal care items, diffusers, candles, and so on.

Scent marketing is described as the use of odours to "create a mood, promote items, or position a brand." Airlines, hotels, retail outlets, and casinos are developing sensory signatures by injecting smells into the consumer environment in the hopes of influencing customer emotions and resulting in greater visitation and, eventually, income. Using a high-quality Aroma Diffuser UAE can make a huge difference in your business outreach.

Scent Marketing Benefits and the Customer Experience

You may be wondering how fragrance may be used to build a brand's identity or how a whole marketing plan might revolve around it.

Consider a cafe that serves amazing coffee precisely the way you want it, but the atmosphere doesn't smell lovely, which might make it difficult to appreciate your ideal coffee. Would you want to have your coffee there? Perhaps (certainly) not!

Marketers use scent marketing to carefully choose fragrances to spread at client touchpoints. When the scent touches our consumers' senses, the marketing process begins. Remember when your friend said, "the smell of food is making me hungry?" That's fragrance marketing for you.

There are many benefits of scent marketing, here are the key ones:

  • Pleasant memory: Consumers recall scented stores more than unscented stores.
  • Improved Quality perception: Customers perceive items in perfumed settings to be of greater quality.
  • Reduced Inhibition to purchase: Consumers are more eager to buy when they are in a perfumed environment.
  • Differentiation of your brand: Scent is a novel marketing concept that may help firms stand out from the crowd!
  • Nicer environment: When consumers breathe in a pleasant fragrance, they experience a wide range of favourable emotions.
  • Increased sales(obviously!): When consumers are in a perfumed atmosphere, they spend more time and money.

Examples of Scent Marketing and Their Influence

Starbucks: The world-famous Starbucks cafe tempts its customers, using scent marketing, to try out their special treats. Customers are drawn to the aroma of roasted coffee beans at each of their outlets. This is not only due to their freshly brewed coffee, but also because they employ the scent of coffee beans as part of scent marketing.

Cinnabon: This famous bakery chain has created and uses its very own signature scent that makes its customers recognise their uniqueness. The smell of their buns entices each and everyone to walk in and make a purchase.

Rolls Royce: The brand uses scent marketing by including scent in its product. Using the ‘new car smell’, they give the feel of a recently purchased car to their customers even if they come just for the service.

Burger King: Burger King knows how to make its customers hungry for their famous ‘whopper.’ The hamburger chain smartly uses its ventilation ducts to influence the customers.

Pandora: It is a jewellery brand that uses scent marketing in its stores. The brand uses ambience scent marketing to create a good atmosphere for its customers.

Cineplex: Imagine the entertainment ambience in every part of the building, along with the scent of movie-theatre popcorn (which never tastes the same at home). It makes no difference that they also provide pizza, nachos, and other items. Fresh popcorn is their perfume brand. Moviegoers will also be able to see and hear it being created, which gives context to the aroma.

In conclusion, the use of scent marketing by brands has been in practice for decades and will continue to evolve with the invention of new technologies. However, without professional help, the opposite effect can also take place if not carefully done. Atmocare is the leading provider of Aroma Diffuser Dubai, with patrons all across UAE. We scope out the establishment and offer innovative scenting solutions that enhance the overall ambience of the outlet.