How Ambient Scenting Can Expand Your Business
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  • Date: 05-11-2021

Of all the senses, the smell is the sense that is most strongly linked to memory and emotion. It has also been demonstrated that there is a physical relationship, with scent receptors having direct nerve connections to brain centres that govern these human activities. As customers across the world become smarter and demand more from brands and businesses along with switching to the convenience of online purchase, there is a greater need for a more intelligent approach to marketing. Scents may provide a new approach to marketing by directly relating to the emotions and memories of customers with the products and services offered. So if you are a retailer wondering how ambient scenting can expand your business, you will be pleasantly surprised.

What Is Ambient Scenting?

Have you ever noticed how a delicate and pleasing perfume in the air may instantly lift your spirits? That is exactly what our Ambient Scenting solutions are for.

A relevant and motivating perfume diffused into the air by fragrance diffusers will put your consumers in a good mood, encouraging them to stay longer and lower their inhibitions to spend more money in your business. As a result, we believe that ambient smells should be an inevitable element of your entire marketing plan. You may also employ ambient scenting to create a pleasant ambience in your home. Ambient scenting is the introduction of scented surroundings to create a lovely ambience for your patrons to help your brand retain in their minds even long after they left your premises.

How Does It Work?

It’s all about the scent which helps in nurturing a beautiful scent or fragrance which relates to and enhances your brand. Our  aroma diffuser UAE considers your product offerings, customer demographics, retail space colours, and many other factors to determine the perfect scent for your brand. 

The Automatic fragrance diffuser in Dubai works on the basis of cold air diffusion. The scent is completely nebulised into the air so that the air fills the targeted space. The operating hours and intensity are manageable electronically. The equipment can be simply concealed within your business space or linked to the HVAC air ducts. Finally, aroma diffusers may be rented or hired, including the consumables for you to get a general idea of how it boosts your business in the coming weeks. 

For larger spaces, different areas of the store may require different scenting solutions which can be easily achieved with the help of an Automatic fragrance diffuser in Dubai. More often than not, the professional touch to set up your ambient scenting is needed and retrieves better results.

How Can It Benefit Your Business? 

Ambient scenting has been widely used in various businesses across the world with varying levels of success depending on the implementation. Scent research on the impact of fragrances on human behaviour has revealed that, in addition to providing a more pleasant and memorable experience, the judicious use of scents may provide a variety of significant benefits for businesses, leading to greater rewards & revenues:

  • Customers will spend up to 40% more time in perfumed areas.
  • Adding smells to retail establishments raised purchase intent by 80%.
  • Positive product assessments are increased by 25% when ambient fragrances are present.
  • In perfumed surroundings, clients offer a more accurate judgement of service quality as opposed to non scented closed spaces.
  • After its aroma was changed, a shampoo that was ranked last in overall performance was rated higher.
  • Having a signature scent for the brand induces quicker brand loyalty and recognition.

Who Can benefit 

The great news is that ambient scent may be used in marketing techniques other than just hotels, restaurants and motels. Even offices, industrial buildings, supermarkets, airports, and banks are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of ambient scenting in influencing client behaviour toward their enterprises.

Vehicle dealerships and car rental services might benefit from the seductive perfume of leather since it reminds buyers of the distinction of a specific car brand.

Ambient scenting may assist firms in the retail industry as well. For example, a business that emits a warm chocolaty fragrance can entice visitors to stay longer because of the pleasant atmosphere created by the scent. A Pleasant smell not only tempts visitors to come in and stay longer but also make them want to return to relive that warm, cosy feeling. 

Ambient scenting is also beneficial in assisted living settings for the elderly. Elderly persons, especially those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, are frequently restless and easily agitated. The magic of ambient scenting can make life easier for the caregivers in charge of the elderly.

In conclusion, regardless of your business, scent marketing can play an important role in maintaining a lively and pleasant atmosphere among your customers and the staff. It is always worth it to invest in ambient scenting with Atmocare, which is the leading supplier of Aroma diffuser UAE. With clients from across the UAE, they can help to expand your business as well.