Fragrance your Medical Facility-Improve the Patient experience
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  • Date: 08-06-2021

Nowadays everyone is reluctant to even leave their homes because of the fear of new and mutated viruses showing up, let alone go for non-urgent procedures in a hospital. But like the saying goes “ A stitch in time saves nine”, small symptoms if ignored can end being bigger issues in the future. Besides ailments treated earlier is cheaper than once it becomes grave. Also, the hospitals are also facing a huge economic crisis due to the sudden dip in patients. Since the last April, many small hospitals and clinics had to close their doors permanently because of the crisis. The ones still standing need to ensure that the patients that do come to their facility are treated with care and comfort.
The scent is known to connect one’s memory to an emotion. When people think of a clinic or hospital, they might think of cleaning disinfectants and alcohol smells that many people associate with bad memories or stressful procedures. So the medical facility is changing that image by employing scent marketing in their hospitals and clinics. From the moment a patient and their family walk through the door, they encounter only pleasant fragrances. This helps to make the patient feel calm and relaxed to a certain degree. On the contrary, if the smell of detergents, urine, or other foul odours are present, the anxiety level increases subconsciously and negatively impacts the reputation of the facility.

Another crucial part of patient care is the staff who interact with them. Calming aroma tends to have a positive influence on the staff behaviour resulting in improved patient service. After all their daily work involves stress and fatigue as well. Especially with the current pandemic situation. While scent usually acts as a replacement of one smell with another, experience-oriented room scent uses pleasant background scents to reduce stress and enhance mood and well-being. With the right Scent Diffuser Machines, even large hospitals and nursing homes can reap the benefits. A recent study revealed that 90% of patients will prefer and trust a medical facility that takes the effort to ensure a clean fresh smell and does not have the typical alcohol disinfectant scent. This is actually a huge missed opportunity by many facilities. Few minor changes that they bring about can make major differences in the overall patient experience. A happy patient will worry less about scheduling the next appointment.

1. Waiting rooms are crucial

Waiting rooms usually see a lot of emotional turmoil. It is the place where good and bad news may get delivered leading to outbursts of joy and sadness respectively. Whether it is an anxious father waiting to see his baby for the very first time or a grandchild waiting to see his/her grandfather for one last time, waiting rooms require all the help it can get in terms of calming effect. Ambient scenting in waiting rooms help to bring about a calming atmosphere and allows the occupants to relax subconsciously. Ambient odors of orange and lavender reduced anxiety and improved mood in patients waiting for dental treatment

2. Positive impact on quick recovery

It is a known fact that the recovery of a patient depends partly on their optimistic approach. Successful hospitals will have countless stories of their patients contributing to the healing process. Without their cooperation, it prolongs the recovery. Pleasant fragrances tend to relax and give the hope they need to overcome the current situation. A decade ago, the University of Miami had published a research that showed that lavender scents can help infants to relax and cry less. A Vanilla fragrance was administered to patients undergoing MRI scans which made them significantly less anxious and were able to complete the MRI scan. Hospitals in UAE saw children are less tentative of hospital stay with the usage of Scent Diffuser in Dubai

3. Air Revitalization

Although the Covid 19 virus is not known to be airborne, regular sanitization and social distancing are to be practiced at all times. The Diffusion of anti-bacterial products in medical facilities can mitigate the risks of infections by air-borne bacteria. There are many Scent Diffuser Machines in Dubai that are capable of diffusing anti-bacterial aerosols. This also tends to reduce the fear of catching airborne diseases among the bystanders of patients.

Although there are many advantages to scent marketing in medical environments, there are many factors to consider. Some patients may have an allergic reaction to certain scents. Also, some fragrances when combined incorrectly can have the opposite effect. So it is always recommended to hire an expert company to choose the right diffusion methods.  Atmocare is a leading scent marketing company in Dubai, with all types of scent diffuser machines in Dubai to offer. By diffusing fresh, clean fragrances, Atmocare can help medical facilities to enhance their patient care in a way that makes “scents”!