Fragrance Is a Forgotten Memory, It Enhances Memory Power
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  • Date: 30-03-2023

Have you ever noticed that a strange memory has come jogging towards you when you sniff a scent? why do you think the smells trigger powerful memories? Scents have the power of relating to certain memories and the influence it has is beyond words. The smell of medicine might bring back the moment you spend in the hospital during your check-up or the perfume reminds you of someone close. Many business minds have realized the potential of using scents to enhance their business. Brands focus on building their own scents to improve the experiences of their customers while they use their services. Signature scents are used in various lobbies of hotels, and industries to improve the productivity of the staff as well. Retailers are using the scents to maintain their customers in the stores for a long time and improve the experience while shopping from them. Get your Aroma Diffuser UAE to glow your business with favorable scents. In this blog, let’s talk more about Fragrance Is a Forgotten Memory, It Enhances Memory Power.    


The Power of Fragrance

It is undoubtful about the great influence and effects of the fragrance. Every second of the day, information is rushing towards each sense which includes hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, and sight to give the utmost experience. The scents have the ability to trigger past memories. Moreover, it can be used as an aid to treat disorders related to memory. 


The Connection Between Memory and Smell

Brain anatomy is the main reason for the close relationship between smell and memory. That is why certain aromas transport back in time great and vivid memories. Smells are actually handled by the olfactory system which is the structure in the front brain that signals the information to various parts of the nervous system for processing the information further. Odours directly go to the limbic system which includes the amygdala and hippocampus, the regions that link to memory and emotion. Many businesses and individuals are exploring various ways in harnessing the evocative power of the smell for decades. As fragrance enhances memory and experience which is why many organizations are introducing their own signature scent to give grand experiences to their customers. 

Linking Scents and Memories

Our experiences are all the way connected to the surrounding smells and have a great role in enhancing or damaging the mood as well as well-being. The brain store the memory when it is associated with a scent. That is when you find it so familiar when you smell something because you have had an experience with the same scent before and all the memories that are associated with it come running towards you. It could be the smell of flowers or vanilla ice cream that brings back your memories, the aroma of powders that reminds you of the walk from school to home. Just like that the lives of human beings are closely linked to a smell and sniffing it after a long time makes you reminisce about the old times and also sparks various ranges of emotions.  

Influence on Emotions

It is highly likely that you remember the scent more than what you touched, tasted, and heard. Some people tend to remember certain memories that were long forgotten. People are drawn towards various fragrances with the same passion as the people attracted to certain food and music. Smells can be triggered intensely with more emotional memories than visual images do.  

Reduce Stress

Scents have the ability to reduce stress, enhance self-confidence, and improve sleep, as well as the performance of cognitive and physical activities. Everyone is close to certain scents that can be enhanced with aroma therapy practices. For instance, the smell of citrus can make you feel energetic, productive and alive. So if you are struggling to find motivation lighting a citrus-scented candle is recommended to enhance the experience of being productive. Just like that, lavender is a type of scent that can alter the mood and also make you relaxed and enhance natural sleep. So if you are searching the perfect scent to unwind your day, lavender would be a fine option.  

To reiterate, scents have certain abilities in making your mood better or worse. Many businesses are using luxury scented candles to enhance the experiences of their customers. It is a good investment for your businesses that it can increase sales and traffic to your offices. A customer would wait more or spend extra time where there is good fragrances. Chances are high that the customer will purchase and would have a nice experience with your business and services. So what are you waiting for? Get your Automatic Fragrance Diffuser in Dubai to enhance your mood and emotions. Alter the atmosphere and surrounding with awesomely scented diffusers from Atmocare!