Fragrance: Intrinsic Factor of the Hotel Brand
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  • Date: 01-11-2021

Scent Marketing has grown to become one of the major global trends that enhances the travellers’ experience in contemporary Hotels. After the vision, Smell is the second most influential sense in humans and scent marketers have managed to take advantage of its huge potential, particularly in businesses related to the human factor and hospitality. Since the travellers tend to stay there for a long time, scent Marketing presents a significantly greater value in hotels than most other industries. Besides, the scent of space is associated with specific feelings and desires in residents that is an integral part of the hotel stay offered. So let us delve into the secrets of the hotel industry pertaining to fragrance: intrinsic factor of the hotel brand

The Science of Smell 

The sense of smell is probably the first to respond to stimuli among all our other senses. You will catch the aroma of those delicious cookies even before you get to taste them. The scent is caused by odour particles that get dispersed in the air and are so tiny that even with a microscope, one cannot see them. 

Odours are picked up by the nose which has the responsibility to filter, moisten, and comprehend the air that is inhaled. The filtration happens due to the tiny little hairs in your nostril known as cilia and prevents any dirt from reaching the nasal cavity where the air has to pass through before it reaches the lungs. Through the nasal cavity, the air finally reaches the olfactory bulb after passing through a layer of mucous. The olfactory bulb then recognises the scent because the smell molecules fit into the corresponding nerve cells like "lock and key". The nerve cells then send signals to the brain via the olfactory nerve which are then processed in the brain. 

The olfactory bulb is an integral part of the limbic system which includes the amygdala and the hippocampus, known to be structures that are essential to your mood, memory, and behaviour. The science of scent offers an interesting insight into behavioural science, neuroscience, and advertising because of the olfactory bulb's association with the brain's emotional centre. 

The Impact Of Scent In Hotels 

  • Plays a pivotal role in creating a positive first impression on travellers.
  • The lavishly scented hotels associate their memories with their holidays
  • Positively improves the guests’ consuming behaviour, especially in the F&B department.
  • Scenting done with air diffuser complements the Housekeeping-related services to affect the travellers’ satisfaction level. 
  • It opens up lucrative opportunities in upselling unexpected items, thereby boosting the property’s overall revenue. 

Use Scent Marketing Methods To Increase Consumption In Your Hotel 

After accommodation, the hotel’s restaurants and bars provide the most important revenue inflow. Smells play a major role in stimulating desire and thus special fragrances can create positive feelings for the customers. The creation of a pleasant ambience with an appealing smell of food can lead to higher consumptions as it can “make the guests realise they are hungry”. It is highly recommended to use special odour neutralizers, in order to create the ultimate gourmet experience in spaces where simple ventilation isn’t adequate. Also, placing professionally taken photographs of the menu and strategically placing them across the restaurant and bar space near the scent diffuser machine can entice the customers to leave their inhibitions and give in to the temptation to spend more. 

Custom Fragrance For Your Hotel 

Understanding your audience and the types of hotel guests who frequent your property can guide you in the right direction to customizing a fragrance for the hotel. What energy do you want them to feel in your hotel space? How should they describe your brand? What lasting memories are created after their stay? 

With the hotel industry slowly lifting itself up from the economic depression of the past year and a half, hotels are paying attention to every single detail and not just the usual aspects of Design and Service. The focus is to create a complete 360 degrees experience for their guests with the help of a fragrance diffuser. One of the most important issues that concern hoteliers is the distinct scent of their hotel’s various spaces. It can create either a positive or a negative impression based on how the scenting is handled. Creating a signature scent makes way for a recognizable Scent Branding that reflects their Brand’s identity and values. Such original scents that remain with the travellers throughout their stay, results in creating unique experiences that multiply their satisfaction levels as well as their connection with the property. Offering a set of scented candlesticks as a parting gift will be a reminder about the good times they had at your hotel and will increase the chances of great reviews and returning customers. 

Since there is so much at stake in the hotel industry, getting professional assistance for properly scenting the space is imperative. Atmocare is a leading supplier of scent diffuser machines in Dubai and can help to orchestrate the perfect ambience for your hotel space.