Does your brand need a signature scent
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  • Date: 01-10-2021

Any business that involves its customers walking into its establishment has the need to appear welcoming and clean. It also helps to have a big space and well-arranged products.  Business owners know the importance of keeping their customers happy and would do everything possible to boost their brand and image. Successful businesses utilize the sense of smell to invoke pleasant memories in their patrons and associate that feeling with their brand. They are able to enhance the essence of their business and influence how their customers feel about their brand. Having a unique smell for the brand that sets you apart from the competition depends entirely on the customization of your available options. 

However, many business owners still have no idea how to create a signature scent or fragrance for their brand that can positively influence. This raises the question- Does your brand need a signature scent?

What Is a Signature Scent?

Before we delve into the reason for associating the brand name with a signature scent, let us define what exactly is meant by a signature scent. 

The signature scent is the scent that will define you. It is your way of leaving a mark among people that interact with you. To create a “signature scent” you don’t necessarily have to go out of your way and buy the most expensive one, or even have something concocted from scratch. It just means that you wear a fragrance so much that it eventually starts to represent you.

Similarly for business spaces, having a signature scent that feels refreshing really opens up the minds of their visitors to more choices. And if you are able to find a scent that compliments your products and services, then it can really be a game-changer.

Create A Unique Signature Scent

Since the signature scent is supposed to represent you, it is never advisable to simply copy it. A unique signature scent is what actually sets you apart from one another. For businesses with multiple retail outlets, selecting a unique signature scent across all outlets will make it easier for people to identify the brand with the scent. A sense of familiarity when visiting a branch in another location, perhaps on a vacation or so, can really help brand awareness. Although the climate and topography can sometimes affect the outcome, maintaining a unique fragrance will do wonders for the brand.

Benefits of Having a Signature Scent for Brands

There are many benefits of having a signature scent in our personal life. The way people perceive us will be influenced by the choice of our fragrance. As far as brands and businesses are concerned, the below-listed benefits are significant: 

  • Increased Sales: Every fortune 500 company uses the power of scents to boost its sales. Certain scents reduce the inhibitions of customers and encourage them to make a decision of purchasing. Signature scents of brands help to put the brands at an advantage.
  • Customers Linger Longer: Due to the pleasant nature of scents, customers are more willing to spend more time at the store and check out other choices. This could eventually lead to increased sales as well
  • Improves brand perception: Scents help to improve the overall feeling towards a brand and also its products. Changing to a scent that suits the store space is recommended. In fact, strategic ambient scenting can even make the space appear larger than it is.
  • Relaxing Shopping Experiences: In today’s rat race world, there is hardly any time for relaxation. Calming scents will help the customers to relax and take it down a notch. More than the choice of products, customers will definitely remember the ambiance and how they felt when shopping at your store

Tips To Creating A Signature Scent

Seek Professional opinions
Before choosing any fragrance that feels good in a small dose, it is important to scope out the place and identify the influencing factors. To cite an example, stores that sell clothes need to consider the lack of sunlight in storage rooms with dampening smells during the rainy season.  Professionals who install diffusers are aware of the combining smells and how they can impact the overall ambiance. Similarly, stores having food outlets nearby and those with dumpsters or drainages nearby need to be treated differently. Since in most cases it is a one-time installation, taking professional help is highly recommended for your brand. 

Research & Identify scents that accentuate your brand
Scent marketing can do wonders if done right. On the other hand, it can go very wrong very fast if no proper research is done prior to installation. Choosing the perfect scent is a time-consuming task that involves careful research. While doing the research, focus on the feeling you want your customers to have when they visit your store. For example,  Barber Shops could diffuse the fragrance of their aftershave cologne throughout the shop to create the atmosphere of an authentic barbershop. Realtors could burn ocean-scented candles for their open houses to incorporate the idea of living at the beach. 

Use Professional Scent Diffusers 
Regardless of whether your business environment is retail, travel-related, or general business-oriented, selecting a quality scent diffuser is crucial for an effective scent marketing process. There are excellent scent diffusing machines to choose from in the market. The diffuser blends it with your scent and air pressure by using an amount of cold air that has been filtered. The scent will be subtle and evenly distributed throughout your business space without being concentrated only around the diffuser. 

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