Common Mistakes of Scent Marketing
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  • Date: 09-12-2021

It is a known fact in the scenting industry that personalities can be represented by the scents chosen. Scent Diffuser Machines Dubai is being used by a variety of businesses in the hotel, leisure, retail, food, beverage, and even automotive showrooms to give a dimension to their brand and positively engage their visitors and users in the environment. But it doesn’t always work out for everybody due to some oversights. Here are some of the common mistakes of scent marketing done by retailers.


Common Mistakes When Using Aromarketing

A lady or a man picks their perfume, and they will always have a favorite scent that they would wear at any time of day. A perfume is more than just a smell to use when going out. It is a smell that unspokenly expresses the idea of a person. It is a manifestation of the individual's personality. While cosmetic scents have long been used in the beauty and cosmetics industries, companies have entered an era of service and experience, with a growing need and desire to improve brand image, thanks to the sense of smell.

Scent marketing is a great tool for your business, but it must be done correctly. Scent marketing does not entail liberally sprinkling a can of over-the-counter aromatizer about. It is both an art and a science that must be approached with caution. It is necessary to approach the appropriate individuals and have the necessary equipment in order to succeed.

Professional nebulizers, which are electrical devices with timers that disseminate scent in patterns throughout the day, are the ideal tool for making the most of your Aromarketing experience. Scent marketing is an excellent way to increase client loyalty since the smell you choose will go directly to the part of your brain where memories and emotions are formed. However, it is possible to make blunders while adopting fragrance marketing, as mentioned below.


Mistake # 1 Using a ubiquitous scent

There are beautiful aromas that are really common; for example, vanilla is fantastic, but it is everywhere. Your brand will smell lovely, but it will be nothing exceptional, and your buyers will confuse the smell for so many other things that it may render ineffective. The secret is in creating or adopting your unique scent that defines your brand and complements your industry. Professionals at Atmocare can help to conjure the perfect aroma for your business.

Mistake # 2 Using unrelated scents

Picking the right aroma is critical since it must reflect your company's ideals; selecting the incorrect perfume is unproductive. Consider having a gym and spraying a sweet scent; it just doesn't work. Gyms do better with energetic scents, like that of citrus fruits. The scent selection should be done after careful planning so as not to become counterproductive. 

Mistake # 3 Not stocking sufficient supply

Be careful to determine your monthly supply of perfume and purchase it ahead of time. The need for consistency is essential. It will not have the desired impact if your store smells divine at times but raw and dusty at others. You need to maintain the illusion every time, every day. It is the responsibility of the floor managers to ensure that proper scenting reaches every nook and corner of the store.

Mistake # 4 Opting for cheap alternatives

Because low-quality items of equipment do not last as long or produce the desired outcomes, the money you save now on skipping appropriate machines will be spent tomorrow. Besides, consider the message you will end up sharing about the worth of your brand using cheap diffusers.

Mistake # 5 Placing your diffuser without planning

If you position the diffuser behind a sofa or somewhere it will be obstructed, it will be worthless, therefore put it somewhere open or near the air conditioning system. Strategically place your diffusers in the lobby, near the entrance, near the place where the AC vent strongly blows, or literally anywhere, where the purpose of the diffuser is met. 

Mistake # 6 Hiring vendors who do not offer a return policy

Only through constant experimentation with smells and diffusers can an effective scent marketing plan be built. Assume you have a diffuser and wish to replace it with one of a different specification. A warranty or return policy is essential in this situation. Ascertain that your fragrance marketing partner has a minimum warranty and return policy so that you can explore morally in accordance with the terms of the contract.

By avoiding these mistakes, one can see wonders happening in the Aromarketing experience. At Atmocare, we visit the facility and gauge the requirements much before the planning stage. Only after careful analysis, will the process begin in order to maximize the output. Our Aroma Diffuser UAE will be strategically placed under the expert guidance of seasoned professionals at Atmocare.