Case Studies of Scent Marketing Success
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  • Date: 30-09-2023

Scent marketing, a powerful yet often underestimated tool, has the remarkable ability to enhance customer experiences, boost brand recognition, and ultimately drive business growth. UAE has been at the forefront of Scent marketing for a long time with their top quality Scent and Aroma Diffuser UAE. In this blog ‘Case Studies of Scent Marketing Success’, we'll explore how various businesses, both big and small, have harnessed the potent influence of fragrance to create unforgettable customer journeys.

Let’s talk about how a boutique or hotel transformed its ambience with the right scent, leaving guests eager to return. Learn how a retail store strategically employs scent to increase foot traffic and sales. These real-world examples will showcase the immense potential of scent marketing, shedding light on the strategies that can help with your brand's presence and customer satisfaction. So, let’s get straight into it.

What is Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing is using pleasant smells to create specific feelings or memories in customers. Businesses use scents, like fresh bread in a bakery or a subtle perfume in a clothing store, to make people feel more comfortable and encourage them to stay longer or buy more. It's like adding a special touch to the shopping experience through delightful fragrances.

The Scent Marketing Case Studies 

  1. Stockholm, Sweden Ambient Scent Case Study

In 2010, two researchers from the Stockholm School of Economics conducted a fascinating marketing experiment in Sweden. They wanted to understand how scent marketing, using pleasant smells, could impact customer behaviour and perceptions. They chose to focus on the new Head & Shoulders Hair Defense Shampoo,

Over four weeks in four different grocery stores, they observed over 800 customers and collected 600 questionnaires. Their findings were impressive. Scent marketing not only boosted sales of the tested shampoo but also increased sales of nearby products. Moreover, it had a positive effect on customers' moods and their overall evaluation of the store and shopping experience. This study highlighted the powerful influence of scent in shaping consumer behaviour and satisfaction.

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  1. A Study of Scent Atmospherics

In a fascinating study on scent atmospherics, Jordan Thomas explores how businesses, like TheFudgery, cleverly use scents to attract customers. Take TheFudgery is known for its irresistible aroma of chocolate fudge wafting through the store. Customers unknowingly gravitate toward the sweet scent and are often offered free samples, making it hard to resist buying some of it. These stores leverage these scents to market their products effectively. 

The Fudgery even lets website visitors click a button known as "Follow the Scent" to explore in-store items online. This research sheds light on the powerful role of scents in driving consumer behaviour ( Thomas, Jordan, "Scentsational Marketing in Business: A Study of Scent Atmospherics" (2015). Undergraduate Honors Theses. Paper 270.)

  1. Subway Scent Marketing Study

Subway, the sandwich restaurant chain, conducted a scent marketing study in collaboration with Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and psychiatrist. They diffused the scent of freshly baked bread into selected stores and found that it increased sales by over 20%. The aroma of freshly baked bread contributed to a more inviting and appetizing atmosphere.

  1. Nike Case Study 

Nike conducted a study and found that adding a pleasant scent in their stores could boost the likelihood of customers wanting to buy their products by a significant 84%. The study revealed that scent marketing did have a positive effect on its customers. This study proved the factor that something so insignificantly small such as smell has the capability to attract customers and push them to make a purchase.

Top Brands Using Scent Marketing Strategies 

These are some of the top brands using scent marketing strategies for their brands and businesses. 

  • Apple

Apple introduced scent marketing in its retail stores in 2018. They use a unique and signature fragrance of ‘green apples and mint’ diffused through their HVAC system, to create a distinctive and memorable in-store atmosphere. The scent is carefully designed to be subtle. It combined elements like crisp apple notes with a hint of wood giving a  sense of innovation, freshness, and the brand's signature minimalism. This olfactory branding aims to enhance the overall shopping experience, encouraging customers to linger, explore products, and associate the pleasing aroma

  • Westin Hotel's White Tea Scent

Westin Hotels introduced their signature "White Tea" scent in hotel lobbies as part of their scent marketing strategy in the mid-2000s. This unique fragrance aims to create a sense of relaxation and well-being for guests. The scent, a blend of white tea and soothing notes, was diffused in common areas. Studies indicated that guests associated this fragrance with a positive and calming experience, contributing to their overall satisfaction with the hotel.

  • Pandora

Pandora, the popular jewellery brand, introduced scent marketing in its stores to create a unique and memorable shopping experience for its customers. Their signature scent was diffused within the stores, enhancing the ambience and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Atmocare offers the top-quality Automatic Fragrance Diffuser in Dubai that can help with your scent marketing efforts. 

  • Samsung

Who would’ve thought a tech giant like Samsung is using scent marketing? Samsung employed 'Intimate Blue' as its signature scent, describing it as 'crisp, sharp, and evocative.' This choice aimed to underscore the brand's exceptional and distinctive characteristics. 'Intimate Blue' was intentionally crafted to be gender-neutral, ensuring its broad appeal among diverse consumers.