Best ways scent can strengthen your brand
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  • Date: 12-08-2021

Consider your favorite shopping experience and try to recollect the reason why it is your favorite. Chances are that you have returned to that place more than once due to the pleasant memory associated with the place. More likely than not, the ambiance was well maintained with precise diffusion of soothing aromas that melted away your inhibitions and put you at ease. So let us discuss the best ways scent can strengthen your brand.

What is scent marketing?

The effective use of a strategically chosen fragrance (based on the size, topography, and type of business), diffused at specific customer touchpoints is known as scent marketing. The appropriate strategy to infuse the fragrance correctly will help to increase sales and create a brand identity along with brand loyalty by creating unique customer experiences. Like any good marketing initiative, predetermined strategies are involved to ensure branding, image management, and exemplary customer experiences.

Why is Scent important in Marketing?

Marketing revolves around building and maintaining the brand identity while increasing brand awareness. Scent marketing techniques are the silent killers used by companies across the globe to improve public perception of product quality, enforce a brand image, and drive sales. The sense of smell is associated with memories and invokes our past encounters, both pleasant and bitter, subconsciously. Enticing aromas when effectively diffused using scent diffuser machines in Dubai can convince customers to linger a bit longer and lower their inhibitions to make the purchase.

How does scent strengthen the brand?

  • Scents can influence customer behavior: Nobody wants a disgruntled customer in their showrooms. The chances of them purchasing something is minimal and negatively influencing fellow shoppers is higher. Pleasant smells have been scientifically proven to calm down a person and encourage them to let go of their inhibitions. For food chains, diffusing their delicious aromas into the air will guarantee to invoke hunger in customers near the outlets and increase the chances of a walk-in. 
  • Customers spend more time at the store: Major supermarkets have designed their layout in such a manner that even a person who walks in to buy a bottle of water will have to pass by their strategically placed shelves of other items. The more time customers spend in their facility, the higher will be the purchase quantity. It is but a human tendency to compensate for their prolonged time spent in a store by purchasing more. Pleasant scents help to lose track of time and encourage them to browse more.
  • Elevated customer experiences: The price and quality of your products may not be something that can be controlled fully, but how your customers perceive them can be regulated using the power of ambient scenting. It is highly unlikely that customers will bargain much if the showroom they are at feels rich and classy. Strategically placed automatic fragrance diffusers in Dubai can help to give an illusion of a larger space and richer atmosphere. Also, the customers will be automatically happy to have spent time at your establishment.  
  • Everlasting memories created: scents are famous for creating lasting memories that remind of past experiences. Whether it is the smell of a newly bought car or the earthy smell at a wellness retreat, the aroma associated with them brings back memories of the good old days when you felt exhilarated and alive. If they associate their happy memories with your brand, then it’s a win for you.
  • Staff productivity increased: After all your staff members are human too. They also spend ample time in your establishments and the onus of keeping them happy lies on the employer. Serene-smelling fragrances in the break room will help them relax from the pressures of daily work and in turn improve their overall productivity.
  • Scent marketing masks malodorous: Foul odors are inevitable in some lines of business. The smell of storage containers and back area materials that may contain mold would be highly detrimental to the brand image of your business. Hospitals have medical waste and intense cleaning products that emit pungent odors making it uncomfortable for visitors to stay longer. aroma diffuser UAE helps to mask unwanted odors by covering the atmosphere with calming scents. These all are the best ways scent can strengthen your brand

A constant scent maintained at multiple outlets of the same company can invoke a sense of brand loyalty among the users. Established brands have the liberty to utilize scent diffuser machines in Dubai to maintain the ambiance their users receive across all their outlets. Even small-scale businesses can adopt these proven techniques to improve their customer experience, invoke pleasant memories, and in the process instill brand authenticity in the minds of all their customers.