A Comparison of the Types of Scent Marketing
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  • Date: 24-03-2022

When you pass by a bakery, the aroma of cinnamon reaches your nose. You grin, remembering your childhood days when your father would take you to the bakery and purchase you pastries to eat while watching the birds. Does this sound familiar? Such occurrences are unsurprising when you consider that the sense of smell influences the majority of the emotions that each individual experiences on a daily basis. This is why fragrance marketing has gained so much popularity since its introduction as a method of increasing brand recognition and memorability. With new and improved techniques available, every business is competing to stand out from the crowd by creating different types of scent marketing. So let's do a comparison of the types of scent marketing to better understand them. 

Types of Scent Marketing

Basically, there are four types of scent marketing currently in circulation.

  • Aroma Billboards
  • Thematic Scenting
  • Ambient Scenting
  • Signature Scents

Aroma Billboards

Aroma billboards are the most daring kind of smell marketing, based on the concept that an appealing perfume may stimulate your olfactory system in the same way a billboard draws visual attention. You will be able to distinguish a specific fragrance and, if applicable, trace its associated recollection in your mind no matter where you are. The perfumes utilized will attract passers-by and entice them to spend more time in the commercial environment. A high-quality smell may assist a company in developing a distinct personality.

Thematic Scenting

Thematic scenting is utilized to improve an establishment's mood and theme. The aroma utilized should be particularly relevant to the environment in which it is employed. Thematic scenting may be provided by the fragrance of popcorn at a movie theater because the two are strongly connected. A similar impact is achieved when baby powder packets are distributed in a textile store's children's area. However, themed scenting is only effective when all of the visual and auditory features of a place complement the fragrances being employed. Scent dispersal must be appropriate for the surroundings and the items. They may have a negative impact if they do not match.

Ambient Scenting

Ambient scenting is the method of scenting a whole shop or other business environments. Ambient scenting is utilized to create the ideal environment for your customers to engage with your business on a positive note. Lavender and other calming smells are utilized at spas and massage facilities to make consumers happy with the ambiance. Customers respond favorably to light and fresh smells and are happier and more relaxed as a result. Thus they are more inclined to return to the establishment in the future. Vanilla, flowery, lavender and other common ambiance smells are common in ambient scenting. Air Diffuser Machines in Dubai can easily help achieve the same.

Signature Scents

Signature smells are one-of-a-kind scents designed for a single brand or business. Customers are familiar with practically all of the main flowery, sweet, and fresh aromas that have been employed by numerous firms since scent marketing is a highly widespread technique nowadays. As a result, if you want to give your business a distinct character and value, you might create distinctive trademark smells designed just for it. The trademark scent's nature should harmonize with your brand and allow it to stand out among rivals. You may work with a fragrance marketing professional to create the exact aroma that complements your brand's identity. In any case, creating a trademark perfume is a costly and time-consuming procedure. 

Scent Marketing Strategy – Matching Products With Settings

Start by thinking about your brand and buyer personas

As with any marketing strategy, it's critical to start with a solid grasp of your brand and your target demographic. For example, while considering your company, consider what the major qualities of your brand's personality are and how you may transmit them through sensory cues.

Consult with design professionals

Sight is also one of the most overused senses in sensory marketing, but that doesn't mean it should be taken for granted. Most businesses are well aware that the color they use in their marketing efforts has a big influence on how purchasers perceive them.

Find your voice

The combination of sight and sound accounts for almost all of the brand information delivered to individuals through your advertising activities. Sound has been a persistent presence in mass marketing methods since the emergence of television and radio.

Don't dismiss offline encounters

Finally, if you want to use sensory marketing, keep in mind that advertising does not have to be "digital" to be effective. Numerous businesses have discovered new methods to engage with their target audience through websites, social media campaigns, and other means. Many buyers, however, still value the in-person interactions that they may have with business organizations. Approximately 85 percent of shoppers say they just like to touch and feel the things they're planning on buying before they buy them.

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