5 Ways Scent Marketing can help your business
  • Post by: Admin
  • Date: 01-06-2021

If you are asked to name a few of your favorite retail stores, it would be really easy to answer right? One thing that would be common among all these stories is that you felt comfortable when you went shopping. The Ambience was set according to your mood and had a very nice Aroma. Well, it's no coincidence that the retail shop owners try to make your experience as pleasant as possible. The inviting and welcoming fragrance was no coincidence as well. It is a business tactic used by retailers called scent marketing to put you at ease when you enter a shop. Most Shoppers have begun to appreciate the aesthetics of the shop including indoor plants, aroma and music on top of the merchandise collection. A pleasant mind puts the customers at ease and thereby decreases their inhibition to spend more.

Scent marketing or ambient scenting is the method of using proven fragrances to enhance the shopping experience. Enticing aromas may be sprayed on the products or it could be filled in the air using a scent diffuser. The sense of smell is responsible for many of the decisions that we end up taking. It is usually associated with memory and triggers happy feelings from a past experience. Even famous food chains like KFC, McDonalds, etc are usually situated where people gather in large numbers so that the enticing smell once released will trigger the inner cravings for a delicious burger or a bucket of chicken. Also, casinos mask the reek of liquor and cigarettes by pumping large amounts of mesmerizing fragrances with the help of industry-level air diffusers. In ancient times fragrances were utilized in the form of oils by royalties. This type of marketing has however gained popularity in the last couple of decades. Today no large-scale retail stores are complete without proper fragrance machines or air diffusers. Here are 5 reasons to implement scent marketing for your business if you have not already done it:

1. Enhance brand recognition:
Having the right kind of smell can help businesses achieve brand recognition in customers' minds. Stores with multiple outlets sometimes use the same aroma to instill brand loyalty in the customer's mind subconsciously. A study in the UK showed that it is 17% more effective when the same fragrance was used in the various showrooms they have as opposed to having different scents in each outlet. 

2. Space Enlargement 
Not every retailer has the luxury to afford a large shop and sometimes the local watering hole may not have much space to rent due to different businesses competing. So shopkeepers try various methods to enhance the feel of the shop by rearranging furniture, painting bright colors, and diffusing appropriate scents to make the store look bigger than it is. People tend to associate larger spaces with more success. A relaxing atmosphere with the help of scent marketing changes the perception of the shop. 

3. Mask Malodor
As mentioned before, casinos and expensive bars tend to mask the foul odor of cigarettes, liquor, and whatnot by using scent diffuser machines. These are places where the owners really need their customers to stay put for increasing the profit. Also, hospitals use scent diffusers to mask the smell that they tend to have. Any business with inevitable bad odors being emitted can use scent marketing to make the visitors more comfortable. 

4. Surprise factor
Businesses where people least expect scent marketing to be a part of have begun exploiting this method. Garages and auto repair shops with pleasant smells are examples where the customers are pleasantly surprised. However unless the workmanship is not up to par, fragrances alone may seem futile. 

5. Staff behavior
Just like the customers, staff members attending to the customers also play a vital role in the success of the store. Since they spent the whole day in the enclosed confines of the store, it is imperative that they are also in a pleasant mood to greet and serve customers. Taking their suggestions as well on certain fragrances and how it affected the nature of the customers can help you determine the ideal aromas and diffusion methods. 

Scent marketing is however a sensitive process and without expert guidance may do more harm than good. Scent diffuser machines in Dubai are highly sought after and choosing the right company makes all the difference. Atmocare is a leading company with plenty of satisfied customers both big and small alike in Dubai.