Enter the World of "ATMOCARE"

"ATMOCARE" was founded with a mission to curate and enrich impeccably scented environments for businesses while addressing our customers' challenges in the realms of Scent, Hygiene, and Industrial product solutions. Celebrating a legacy of success, Atmocare proudly stands as the foremost supplier of Aroma Solutions and Hygiene Solutions in the UAE.

Boasting over a decade of industry expertise, we excel in procuring reliable scent solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clientele. Our key domains include Aroma or Scent Solutions, Hygiene product supply, and Industrial product supply. At Atmocare, we invite you to experience the difference as we craft bespoke brand fragrances and cultivate the ideal ambiance for your clients, employees, and guests in your organizations and institutions.

Our specialization lies in sourcing products and meeting specific/customized requirements, making us your go-to partner for Aroma or Scent Solutions, Hygiene products, and Industrial products. Partner with us, and let the essence of your brand flourish in every scent and solution we deliver.

We have three divisions
Aroma Solutions

The influence of Aromas is profound, as scents possess a remarkable ability to evoke deep emotional connections and revive memories from years past. A thoughtfully crafted Aroma holds the power to elevate mood, fostering a positive and creative mindset. With our Aroma Solutions, you have the opportunity to curate the perfect experience for your clients and colleagues, ensuring they remain engaged and connected in an atmosphere of heightened sensory delight.

Hygiene Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of Hygiene products, positioning Atmocare as a premier supplier of cleaning materials, equipment, machinery, personal care, health care, and industrial care chemicals. Our commitment to reliability has earned us the trust and appreciation of our customers, solidifying our reputation as a leading provider of hygiene solutions.

Industrial Products Supply

Atmocare quickly developed as a complete chain solution provider. We can source any industrial quality products with reputed manufacturers, distributors and suppliers from any corner of the world. We are present in the Middle East, India and UK to quickly fulfil the requirements of our customers. We can source virtually anything from anywhere for our customers.

Our Vision

Forge enduring value for our clients through expert guidance, strategic partnerships, and shared success. Lead the way in specialized domains such as professional Scent, Industrial Products, and Hygiene Solutions. Attain global acclaim by delivering unparalleled performance through reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions.

Our Mission

Collaborate with our customers to deliver top-notch Scent Solutions, Industrial Products, and Hygiene Solutions, fostering growth. Cultivate relationships with clients based on shared success and partnership. Uphold trust, reliability, and creativity in consistently delivering impactful results for our clients and the broader community in which we thrive.

Our values

We prioritize Innovative Thinking, Strategic Partnerships, Dependable and Consistent Delivery, and a Commitment to Environmental Responsibility.