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"Atmocare" is dedicated to enabling our clients to elevate their customer service experience through a harmonious fusion of art, innovation, technology, and efficiency. Over the course of a decade, we have forged enduring partnerships by providing unparalleled services in three distinct yet interconnected business domains: Scent Solutions, Hygiene Solutions, and Industrial Products.

In the realm of Scent Solutions, we craft unforgettable experiences for our customers, immersing them in atmospheres that leave a lasting impression. Our Hygiene Solutions offer cost-effective and streamlined approaches to enhance hygiene operations, ensuring a clean and safe environment. In the realm of Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering timely and efficient sourcing and delivery of a diverse range of industrial products.

At Atmocare, we possess a deep understanding of what best serves your business, whether it's related to scent, hygiene, or industrial products. This commitment to excellence is why we proudly stand as the Foremost Supplier in UAE, providing our clients with the highest quality and most innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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Scent Solutions

"Scent Solutions" provided by Scent Diffusers, Aromatic Candles, and Reed Diffusers offer various ways to enhance the Ambiance of a Space through Pleasant and Inviting Fragrances. Transform your Space with our Scent Solutions, designed to effortlessly evoke Positive emotions and establish a Deep connection between your Customers and your Brand.

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Aromatic Oils

In UAE, "Aromatic or Fragrance Oil" is more than just a Scent – it represents a Powerful expression of Individuality. Its use is rooted in the belief that it can Attract Benevolent spirits while Repelling the Malevolent ones. This cultural practice is intricately woven into the history, society, and customs of Arabic Culture.

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Scent Contracting

An "Annual contract for Scent Marketing" in commercial firms entails a strategic, ongoing approach to enriching the olfactory experience in the business environment. This service offers a continuous, customized scent solution, fostering a distinctive and memorable ambiance that aligns seamlessly with the commercial firm's brand identity.

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Customer Testimonials

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Mr. Binod Baniya
Executive House Keeper
Royal Central Hotel The Palm

Our customers enjoy the fragrance and compliments when they enter into our space and they love being here. What we really like about Atmocare is their service. Professionals at Atmocare always takes the time to check on the products and its working. We really appreciate their effort and their willingness to serve.

Mr: Ankit
Executive Housekeeper
Etisalat Academy

I have used scent solutions from Atmocare earlier and I was so impressed with their product quality and professionalism. The best thing about Atmocare is that they make Aroma and scents from natural ingredients which means it is harmless. All the best to the team at Atmocare, looking forward to working with you soon.

Mr. Shameem Sulaiman
Executive Housekeeper
M five services

It was really great working with Atmocare. Be it the service, products or quality we feel extremely happy and satisfied. They suggested different fragrances that would suit our place. We look forward to working with you.

Mr Silvester Dcruz
Executive Housekeeper
Savoy Hotels

We wanted a perfect scented environment that smells clean and fresh. The team at Atmocare gave us more than what we expected. Atmocare helped us in adding such a nice ambience at our place. We highly recommend Atmocare create a beautiful place that feels like heaven.

Our Clients

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