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Atmocare’s mission is to empower our customers to better serve their customers. We do this by blending art, innovation, technology and efficiency to deliver solutions in the areas of scent solutions, hygiene solutions and industrial products. For 10 years we have been building lasting partnerships with our customers by delivering industry leading services in each of the niche business areas we operate in  Scent solutions - unforgettable experiences to our customers, Hygiene solutions - cost effective solutions for hygiene operations, Industrial solutions - timely and efficient sourcing and delivery of industrial products.

We know what is best for your business and deliver products accordingly. Be it scent, hygiene or industrial products. That is why Atmocare stands as the leading supplier in Dubai. 

Our Products

Engage with our customers to provide high quality of your atmosphre solutions.
Scent Solutions

Our Scent solutions are the perfect way to stimulate positive emotions that in turn helps in connecting your customers to your brand.

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Aroma Oils

Perfume is considered a powerful statement of individuality in this region, and its use is believed to attract benevolent spirits and repel evil ones. There is a deep connection between this culture and the history, society, and customs of Arabic society

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HVAC & Industrial Products

In a short span, Atmocare has managed to become UAE's leading supply chain solution provider. With Atmocare one can easily find high-quality products in Middle-east, India, UK and from any part of the world.

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Essence of Nature...
Nature Herself !

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Customer Testimonials

Recognition determines success and power
Mr. Binod Baniya
Executive House Keeper
Royal Central Hotel The Palm

Our customers enjoy the fragrance and compliments when they enter into our space and they love being here. What we really like about Atmocare is their service. Professionals at Atmocare always takes the time to check on the products and its working. We really appreciate their effort and their willingness to serve.

Mr: Ankit
Executive Housekeeper
Etisalat Academy

I have used scent solutions from Atmocare earlier and I was so impressed with their product quality and professionalism. The best thing about Atmocare is that they make Aroma and scents from natural ingredients which means it is harmless. All the best to the team at Atmocare, looking forward to working with you soon.

Mr. Shameem Sulaiman
Executive Housekeeper
M five services

It was really great working with Atmocare. Be it the service, products or quality we feel extremely happy and satisfied. They suggested different fragrances that would suit our place. We look forward to working with you.

Mr Silvester Dcruz
Executive Housekeeper
Savoy Hotels

We wanted a perfect scented environment that smells clean and fresh. The team at Atmocare gave us more than what we expected. Atmocare helped us in adding such a nice ambience at our place. We highly recommend Atmocare create a beautiful place that feels like heaven.

Our Clients

Recognition determines success and power